Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy’s Marriage In Trouble After He ‘Walks Out’ — Report

Oh no! It sounds like there's trouble in Paradise for Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg. The 13-month marriage seems heavenly on the small screen, but they are now allegedly fighting so badly he even walked out according to a new report. More proof that doing a reality show can be the kiss of death for Hollywood relationships: Jenny McCarthy, 42, and Donnie Wahlberg, 46, are struggling to keep their marriage together after only about a year according to a shocking new report. Here's what we know.

Donnie Wahlberg Jenny McCarthy Marriage Problems
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This is so sad if true. Jenny and Donnie seemed like a match made in heaven on their A&E show Donnie Loves Jenny, but OK! Magazine is now reporting that just isn’t the case anymore. “Jenny and Donnie fight constantly,” one of Donnie’s friends says. “It’s nonstop drama.” But what’s causing all of the strain? The source says part of the problem is something that Donnie once loved: Jenny’s goofy sense of humor.

“He’s had it with her refusal to act like a mature, responsible adult,” says the source. “He always tells her to grow up.” But that isn’t Donnie’s only issue with Jenny. Her 13-year-old son Evan has also been a major source of conflict in the relationship. Naturally, Jenny is very protective of him after he was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, something which she has spoken out about frequently.

According to the source, Jenny will say or do anything to make her son happy, but Donnie is also concerned for his well-being and believes more discipline is necessary. “She never says no to him,” the source tells Ok!. “Then, when Donnie tries to be a good stepdad and lay down some ground rules, she ignores him or undermines him.”

Things reportedly got really tough recently during a fight about Evan, when “Donnie realized there is no talking sense into Jenny, so he just turned around and walked out,” said the source. “The truth is, he’s just mentally and emotionally exhausted. At this point, no one would be surprised if he ended the marriage sooner rather than later.” We really hope they can put their differences aside so they can do the best for Evan and make their marriage work. Best of luck, you two.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Can Jenny and Donnie make it work? Share your thoughts in the comments.

— Emy LaCroix

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