‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Pregnant Robyn Brown Freaks That Family Doesn’t Want Her New Baby

Poor Robyn Brown! She's been putting off having Kody's baby #18 for years, and now that she's expecting, she's wracked with fears that some family members will give her pregnancy news an icy reception. Being a sister wife is complicated, and Robyn Brown goes public with one more of the difficulties of sharing her husband Kody Brown , on the latest episode of Sister Wives. Just when she's made Kody soo happy by getting pregnant with their second child together, she feels sick inside (and no, not from morning sickness) but because she needs to break the baby news to the rest of Kody's wives and the other 17 kids in the family.

She confesses to the camera that when she was pregnant with son Solomon, now 4 years old, her and first production with Kody that it was “lonely”. “When I made the announcement about the first pregnancy, some of the kids weren’t into it. Some of the teenagers said, ‘We have so many kids already, there are almost too many kids in the family,” she recounted. Not that you couldn’t understand how they felt. After all, it has to be pretty hard to attract dad Kody’s attention when you’re already one of 16 or 17 children and your mother is just one of four wives.

Robyn was so stressed about telling the rest of the family about her baby news this time that she let first wife Meri, whom she is closest to, do the honors. And thankfully, Robyn gets a far different reception than she had the first time. “Everyone was happy and excited…it was the most unified expression of happiness in the family in a long time,” Robyn confessed. Speaking of kids, Robyn and Kody took a next happy step when they signed the adoption application papers for her three children from her previous marriage,  so they could be formally adopted by Kody.


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Kody Brown’s Adoption Update: Still Needs A Judge To Sign Off

However, this situation is still a nail-biter. They need to get a Nevada judge to sign off on the adoption, and what if that judge “thinks polygamy is a terrible thing for children”, as Christine points out? The judge may have read about Warren Jeffs, an infamous cult leader and polygamist who is now in jail for the sexual assault of children. He “married” several teen girls.

Kody isn’t just busy procreating and parenting, however. He’s still having marital therapy sessions with wife #3, Christine, who resolved to speak up and assert herself in her relationship with her shared husband. “When Robyn [wife #4] came into the family, I was shocked by how much she disagreed with you and you still loved her,” she tells Kody when they meet with their family therapist, Nancy Hunterton. “I had always agreed with you but I didn’t have a voice. I didn’t stand up for myself…I need you [Kody] to allow me to speak my mind and love me still. I’m fine if you don’t agree with me, but still love me.”

That’s a very fair request, Christine. And Kody gives his A-ok. So between adopting Robyn’s children, giving Christine a voice in her marriage and leading the cheers for Robyn’s pregnancy with his 18th kid, it’s been a pretty busy time for Kody. How does he have time to actually work? Hmm…we don’t know what Kody does, do we?

Hollywoodlifers, are you impressed that the Browns didn’t give Robyn the cold shoulder with this baby? Let me know.
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— Bonnie Fuller

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