Brandi Maxiell Blasts Shaunie O’Neal For Firing Her On ‘Basketball Wives LA’

Talk about drama! Brandi Maxiell is going head-to-head with Shaunie O'Neal after being fired from 'Basketball Wives LA.' And from the looks of her latest tweets, Brandi isn't going down without a fight! Basketball Wives LA has definitely been revving up the drama this season. And the Oct. 4 episode was nothing less than entertaining. After an extremely heated argument between Brandi Maxiell, 24, and Shaunie O'Neal, 40, which led her to be fired, Brandi took to Twitter to blast her co-star, calling her a b****.

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Image Credit: Getty Images and Image Courtesy of VH1

During the show, Brandi decided to defend herself on Twitter by saying things like, “If someone can talk about my character and say what they want then I should be able to as well. No one is going to insult me. I don’t WORK FOR NO ONE.” While some people couldn’t believe she would use the B-word, when referring to someone pretty important on the VH1 show, Brandi acknowledged the fans who were on her side by retweeting their messages.

For what was supposed to be a relaxing trip to Puerto Rico, turned into a nasty girl fight between Shaunie and Brandi.  Shaunie was called out by Brandi for talking down to all of the ladies in the group. Once she was reminded who got her on the show in the first place, Brandi called Shaunie, who is also the producer of the show, a b***h. And Shaquille O’Neal‘s ex-wife had the ultimate comeback: “Thank you for your services”(aka– you’re fired)! OUCH.

So HollywoodLifers, do you think Brandi had the right to call Shaunie names? Let us know!

— Celeste Piraino