Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies Make Out — See Their Sexy ‘Victorious’ Reunion

If there was any doubt about how close Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies are, they now have a video to prove it to the world! When the former 'Victorious' costars reunited on Oct. 5, Ariana and Liz couldn't fight the urge to do something crazy -- kiss! It has been more than two years since Ariana Grande, 22, and Elizabeth Gillies, 22, starred in Victorious together, but that hasn't kept them from staying BFFs. In fact, they're still such good friends that they made out during a reunion on Oct. 5! Don't believe us? Well, Ariana caught the whole thing on tape! Watch the sexy video below!

The Insta video might be short, but it definitely didn’t leave anything to mystery! The girls are all primped and ready for their smooch when Liz jokes that it “has to be pretty.” Considering they filmed the big moment, there’s no denying the girls wanted to lock lips — but their reactions after it happens are still priceless!

Shortly after posting the video, Ariana posted a hilarious tweet that revealed it wasn’t meant to be seen by the public. Apparently that didn’t mean she cared to take it down, though!

Clearly Ariana and Liz have stayed close since their time on Victorious, but what fans of the show might not know is that the girls have actually known each other for much longer than that! Both Liz and Ariana were part of the Broadway musical 13. Coincidentally, their Oct. 5 reunion happened on the seventh anniversary — no wonder the girls were so excited to be together!

Before their kissing video surfaced, Liz and Ariana tweeted their love for the musical that started their friendship. Liz said, “13 was a magical experience that will always hold a special place in my heart. So thankful for all the memories & friendships. .” She even posted a hilarious throwback pic along with a tribute to Ariana, her “lil dingus”!

Cute tweets aside, a video of the girls kissing is plenty of proof for us to believe that they’re BFFs! Who knows what crazy thing they’ll do next time they reunite!

What do you think of Liz and Ariana’s video, HollywoodLifers? Do you love that they’re still friends after Victorious?

— Taylor Weatherby

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