Melania Trump: 5 Things To Know About Donald Trump’s Stunning Wife

They say behind every great man is a great woman. Well, Donald Trump also has a woman behind him: the enigmatic Melania Trump. Here's what you should know about Donald's mysterious wife! These days, it seems no one garners more attention than Donald Trump, 69. The polarizing republican presidential hopeful speaks his mind, often to the frustration of others. However, one subject on which the Donald does tend to stay tight-lipped is his wife, former supermodel Melania Trump, 45. The two married back in 2005 and have one child together, Barron, 9, but apart from that, much has remained unknown about Mrs. Trump-- until now! Here are five things to know about Melania!

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5. She’s Happy to be Out of the Spotlight: Melania has barely been seen alongside Donald on the campaign trail, which was a very intentional decision. “My husband is traveling all the time,” she told People magazine. “Barron needs somebody as a parent, so I am with him all the time… [I was] not ready to get political yet.”

4 . She’s Highly Educated: When she was just 18, Melania made her way to the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where she studied both design and architecture.

3. She’s Been On All the Major Covers: Many know that Melania used to model, but may not be aware of just how successful she had been. In fact, she has appeared on the covers of Vogue, GQ, Elle, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Glamour, Allure and, iconically, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

2. She is Charitable: Melania is more than a pretty face. Actually, she’s passionate about several causes. She is active with the Police Athletic League, which honored her with Woman of the Year in 2006, she is an honorary chairwoman for the Boys Club of New York and has been for five years, and the American Red Cross has awarded her the title of Goodwill Ambassador.

1. She’s a Woman of Many Talents: Not only is Melania a hugely successful entrepreneur– she’s launched a jewelry  collection, Melania Timepieces & Jewelry in 2013, and a skincare line, Melania caviar Complexe– she is also comfortable in front of the camera, having guest hosted The View and appeared on Celebrity Apprentice

What are your thoughts on Melania? Do you think she’d be a good first lady?

— Casey Mink