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Selena Gomez & Charlie Puth Dating? Her Confession On Their Relationship

Selena Gomez wants to set the record straight on her relationship status. With rumors flying that she's dating Charlie Puth, the singer took to Twitter to let everyone know what's up between the two! Chatter over Selena Gomez's relationship status is constant. These days, many are speculating that the 23-year-old is dating Charlie Puth, 23, a singer and music producer whom Selena's been hanging out with lately. However, on Sept. 21, Selena sounded off on Twitter to nip the relationship rumors in the bud before they grew any bigger. See what she had to say!

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Selena posted a photo of she and Charlie, hanging out on a couch. Selena stares at the camera with her hand covering her mouth, while Charlie (oddly) wears some sort of bag over his head, perched on the couch’s arm. “Before it begins, he is a good one,” Selena wrote alongside the photo. “He is MY FRIEND only lol.”

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Well, there ya have it, folks. Nothing to see here. Move it right along. See her tweet below!

Charlie is just the latest gentleman to get caught in the Selena Gomez boyfriend crossfire. Earlier this month, Selena was spotted on a dinner date with her former Wizards of Waverly Place star, David Henrie. However, it appears that, just like Charlie, David is just a friend. “They looked like good friends, but not in a romantic way at all,” an eyewitness told EXCLUSIVELY.

And then, of course, we have Selena’s lingering romance with ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The two have not been together for months, but are they really over one another? In Justin’s music video for “What Do You Mean?” observant fans noticed in one scene that Selena’s name was spray painted in the background! You’re gonna have to be sneakier than that if you don’t want to get people talking, Biebs!

While we don’t know who Selena has got her eye on, there’s good reason to think it’s someone! When she dropped by Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show to chat on Sept. 11, the interview was interrupted by Selena getting a text message. Who from? “Oh I got a text from a cute guy,” she said. Say more, please!

Do you believe that Selena and Charlie are just friends or do you think there’s something deeper going on?

— Casey Mink