Drake Is Disgusted By Meek Mill Who Blew Up At Fan In Concert

Drake was shocked by Meek Mill's response to a trolling fan at his recent concert. In fact, HollywoodLife has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Drake was actually disgusted by Meek's actions. This feud is not wrapping up anytime soon. During his concert in Brooklyn on Sept. 7, Meek Mill, 28, completely blasted a fan who held up a sign which showed love for known competitor, Drake, 28. Well, a source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com that, not only has Drake watched the shocking video of the incident, but he has some very strong thoughts! In fact, Drake found Meek's actions to be downright vile!

Drake Meek Mill Yelling Fan
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Drake shook his head in disgust after watching Meek pop off on that fan,” a source revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY. “To Drake, feud aside, that’s unprofessional. Unless it was a free concert (which Drake hopes it was because he wouldn’t pay a penny to see Meek), that fan forked over some coins to be in the venue and should be allowed to do whatever the f–k they want to do,” they added.

Not only does Drake think the fans should be allowed to do what they want at concerts, but he also thinks this kind of behavior should be expected. “That’s part of the game, the fans get to choose who they like and who they don’t like,” added the source. “Rap is just like any sport. You root for the team you like and boo the other.”

This recent transgression is just the latest in the ongoing battle between the two rappers. The whole thing began when Meek accused Drake of not writing his own material back in July. Drake, of course, fired back, releasing a blatant diss track which slammed Meek for being unsuccessful. Can’t you two just work it out?

What do you guys think: Team Drake or Team Meek?

— Casey Mink

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