Zahra Schreiber: Fans Applaud Seth Rollins’ Girlfriend’s Firing After Her Nazi-Inspired Pics

Bye, Felicia! Zahra Schreiber is gone from the WWE! The pro-wrestling Diva and reported girlfriend of WWE Champ, Seth Rollins, was fired for posting Nazi-themed pictures to her Instagram -- and WWE fans could not be happier! Zahra Schreiber, 28, will now think twice before she hits that "Share" button on social media. The now ex-WWE Diva, who is reportedly involved with WWE's Seth Rollins, 29, posted some Nazi images online. When Zahra said they were "no big deal," fans demanded she be fired! The WWE listened and sent her packing!

Zahra Schreiber Fired
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Zahra was signed by the WWE to train with their developmental program, NXT. On Aug. 31, she was fired for what the WWE called “inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention,” reports the Wrestling Observer. Those “offensive remarks” were a pair of Nazi-themed pics posted to her Instagram!

In 2012, Zahra uploaded a drawing of a My Little Pony character dressed like Adolf Hitler and a picture of a huge swastika, reports Uproxx. Fans discovered these pics and wondered if she was really a white supremacist! Before she deleted the pictures, Zahra defended them, saying she likes history and that the swastika meant “prosperity and luck.” Not surprisingly, Fans weren’t buying it.

This wasn’t the first time Zahra got in trouble online. In Feb. 2015, a naked picture of her appeared on Seth’s social media accounts. Yikes! If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Seth was engaged to another woman at the time!

The WWE Universe can tolerate nudity but fans won’t tolerate Nazis. They wanted her gone, even calling her “trash!” One fan said that if WWE didn’t send her packing, they’d have a “hypocrisy issue” after they similarly fired Hulk Hogan for his racist comments! Some wondered why Seth would be with her even in the first place! When the WWE announced that she had been let go, those fans rejoiced — even posting memes of pro-wrestling superstars AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan.


Do you think the WWE was right in firing Zahra for her Nazi-inspired images, HollywoodLifers? Was it the right thing to do or should they have given her another chance?

— Jason Brow

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