Emilia Clarke: ‘GOT’ Star Jokes About Jason Momoa’s ‘Huge’ Privates — Watch

Well, at least she's being honest. 'Game of Thrones' star Emilia Clarke recently discussed what really went down when filming (one of) her brutal rape scenes-- this one with Jason Momoa-- and what she had to say was huge. On June 19, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke dropped by The Graham Norton Show to discuss, amongst many other things, what it was like to film that scene in which Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) raped her character, Daenerys. While the scene was obviously hard for us to watch at home, it sounds like it was even harder for Emilia to actually film, especially considering Jason's "huge," uh, weapon. Check out the hilarious details she revealed!

Modesty is overrated. At first, the conversation was light, as Graham asked Emilia about all those character deaths this season.

“One of the people who sadly didn’t make it, your late husband, Khal Drogo,”Graham said. “All the stuff with him seemed quite dark and brutal, but apparently there was some levity?” Now, we get to the good stuff.

“He’s a funny man,” Emilia said. “In the darkest scenes… There was the lovely rape scene, and obviously there’s nudity and you kinda try to lighten the mood…so he decided for one of the scenes which [the camera] was on his back and my face and he decided to use not a modesty sock, but use a beautiful, pink, fluffy sock.”

For those who may not understand the slightly coded language here, Emilia is referring to the lil’ sock which male actors wear in sex scenes to, ya know, cover their bits. So, Emilia is informing us that Jason chose to forego the usual covering, and instead wear one that was legitimately pink and fluffy.

“It’s huge and it’s pink!” Emilia recalled saying to herself, before realizing how that may have sounded as she recounted it on television.

What do you think of Emilia spilling those sex scene deets? Funny or crass?

— Casey Mink

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