Scott Disick Fears He Got College Student Pregnant In Recent Hookup — Report

Say what? A new report claims that Scott Disick had the scare of a lifetime after he allegedly cheated on Kourtney Kardashian with another woman -- and didn't use protection. Whoa! Scott Disick, 32, was definitely not thinking with his head when this went down. After a long night of partying in an Arizona nightclub back in Jan. 2015, Scott allegedly hooked up with another woman. Not only did they spend the night together, but the report claims that Scott did not use protection and for a while after he was terrified that he may have knocked up a complete stranger behind his partner Kourtney Kardashian's back. Yikes.

Scott Disick Cheated
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Maybe this will be the wake up call Scott desperately needs to bring his partying habits down a notch… or five. It all went down in Jan. 2015, when Scott left a nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona after making a public appearance as part of his frequent club touring. Scott left with a handful of women, reports Star magazine, but only ended up spending the night with one of them. Unfortunately, sources close to the situation told the magazine that he didn’t use a condom during the tryst!

“Scott slept with her,” the source revealed. “She was really proud of herself for sleeping with him. She told everyone at work about it.” The girl remains unidentified, but a blurry picture of her inside the magazine shows her to be a pretty brunette with very impressive cleavage.

Even good cleavage can’t stop a man from fearing an accidental pregnancy, though. “The next day, Scott texted her and asked if she was on the pill,” the source explained. He was totally freaking out.” Rightfully so, Scott! Not only was he unfaithful to his partner, but they have a family of three children waiting for him back at home. He definitely does not need a fourth!

Interestingly enough, the pregnancy scare wasn’t enough to keep Scott away from the mystery brunette for long. The girl allegedly told her friends that when Scott came back a few weeks later, they hooked up again. Hopefully he used protection the second time!

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— Lauren Cox


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