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Madonna Has A Rat Problem In Her House During Live Interview — Watch

OMG, ew! Not even the Material Girl herself can avoid normal people problems like a rat infestation. During a live interview that was broadcast from Madonna's own home, a rodent was seen scurrying away in the background. You have to see this! It seems like Madonna, 56, may need to invest in some mouse traps because, yes, there's video evidence of vermin living in her multi-million dollar manse. The "Living For Love" singer hosted an AskAnythingChat with Romeo Saturday Night Online on May 2 -- and while she was answering fan's Q's, a little rat ran by behind her. Check out the shocking clip!

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Madonna’s Rat Problem At Home: Rodent Runs By During Live Interview

It’s hard to picture the legendary pop queen’s home filled with rats, but it just goes to show you — stars are just like us, even Madonna.

Madonna, who took twenty minutes out of her tight schedule to entertain questions from her legions of followers, was so busy answering them that she had no idea the critter was creeping behind her. Oh, it just makes our skin crawl!

You can see Mr. Rat run by in the left corner of the video around the 9:55 mark, right after Madge responds to fans’ inquiries about her epic kiss with Drake and working with Britney Spears in the future.

Madonna Throws Major Shade At Drake: He Begged For Coachella Kiss

While Madonna missed out on catching her rodent roommate, she did open herself up to explain what it was like kissing Drake. So how was it? Apparently not so good, since the 56-year-old candidly dissed the “Best I Ever Had” rapper!

A fan asked the blonde beauty about Drake’s kissing skills, and the diva responded with a pretty puzzling answer. “You asked the million dollar question,” she said. “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

Did Lady M just call Drake a girl? Or was she getting his kiss confused with her unforgettable smooch with Miss Britney in 2003?  No, it seems like she was def talking about our Champagne Papi!

“Don’t kiss Drake,” Madonna added, giving advice to her younger self in a separate question. “No matter how many times he begs you to.”

Our advice to Madonna? Lay off the insults – and call an exterminator!

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