Jay Z Disses Chris Brown After Baby Bombshell: ‘It’s Karma’

Hey, Chris Brown -- don't expect a playdate with Blue Ivy any time soon. An insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY exactly how Jay Z feels about Chris' baby surprise, and how he believes it's totally deserved. Nothing happens in the hip-hop world without Jay Z, 45, knowing about it. And you know that Hova was watching as the Chris Brown, 25, baby drama continued to unfold. Now, HollywoodLife.com can EXCLUSIVELY reveal how Jay Z feels about it all, and his major diss against the new dad.

Jay Z Chris Brown Diss
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Jay Z’s Chris Brown Diss: His Baby Bombshell Is ‘Karma’

It should come as no surprise that Jay Z isn’t a Chris Brown fan, especially since it was Jay Z who first discovered and mentored Chris’ ex, Rihanna, 27. What went down between Chris and RiRi, sources tell HollywoodLife.com, really soured Jay Z’s opinion of Chris.

So, you can guess that when news broke about Chris having a secret 9-month-old daughter with Nia Amey, Jay Z really wasn’t all that upset for him.

“The trouble that Chris is in now has really given Jay-Z a good laugh,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Damn, that’s cold, Jay. Chris might not be laughing, but we can see how Jay Z would find the whole thing hilarious. Our source went on to explain that Jay Z believes the whole situation is definitely “karma” finally catching up with Chris.

So, basically, don’t expect Chris to guest on the upcoming Jay-Z/Beyonce album.

Chris Slams Fans Over Baby News– Instagram Comments

Despite Jay’s good laugh, Chris just does not a sense of humor about this. Not that we would expect him to, but, it’s also safe to say that the way he’s been conducting himself with his fans is no laughing matter.

Chris hasn’t made a public comment about the allegations and has been talking about everything but the baby on social media.

When fans on Instagram asked him to say something — ANYTHING — about it, Chrisr really unleashed his frustration by saying “How bout yall kiss my ass?” Chris might have regained his composure because the comments have since been deleted and he went back to staying quiet.

Very well, then. What do you think about all this, Hollywood Lifers? Do you think this is “karma” catching up to Chris?

— Jason Brow

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