‘Sister Wives’ Finale: Meri’s Heartbreaking Divorce From Kody Brown To Save Robyn’s Kids

Kody Brown’s first wife Meri made the ultimate sacrifice ending her legal marriage, for the love of Robyn's children.  But will her sacrifice be enough to keep Robyn’s three children from her first marriage ,safe within the family? When news broke in early Feb. 2015 that Kody Brown had divorced first wife Meri, 43, in Sept. 2014 ,to legally marry younger fourth wife Robyn, 37, polygamy critics feared the worst. Had Kody finally begun to dump his older wives in order to move his latest love, Robyn, up the family ranks and possibly to have more children with her?

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Sister Wives Divorce
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‘Sister Wives’ Finale: Meri And Kody Brown Divorce To Protect Robyn’s Kids

The truth proved to be far different and was motivated by Meri’s impressive commitment to the well being of Robyn’s three young children, Dayton, 15, Aurora, 12, and Breanna, 9, by her first marriage. Robyn explained that her children’s biological father is “absent from their lives, doesn’t financially support them” and rarely sees or calls them. So sad.

‘Sister Wives’: Fans Cheer On Meri For Divorcing Kody Brown

Meanwhile, Kody is “loving on them, taking care of them”. Stresses Kody: “I’m their dad.”

Meri’s secret visit to lawyer Ronald Reynolds confirmed what she had hoped. If she, as Kody’s first and one legal wife, ended her 24-year marriage to Kody through divorce, and he legally married Robyn, then he could be positioned to adopt the three children from her first marriage.

“If anything happened to Robyn, we’d have no legal claim on Dayton, Aurora and Breanna,” explained Meri tearfully. But they’re “part of our family.”

Life sure is complicated in polygamous families!

Meri And Kody Brown Divorce: Meri’s Gesture Of Love

Giant kudos to Meri for offering, with no urging from Kody, 46, or Robyn, to make this enormous sacrifice for her sister wife. Talk about the best of sister wivery in action.

Not surprisingly, Robyn cries when Meri breaks the news in a small pow wow with herself and Kody. And a stunned Kody freaks over the word “divorce”: “Nothing is going to change for you and I?,” he questions Meri.

Naturally, Meri’s giant love gesture still causes some freaking out from one wife. Janelle, wife #2, 45, worries that “you’ll start favoring Robyn”.


The divorce reveals a huge issue for all polygamous families and sister wives. If and when the husband of the family passes away, the one “legal” wife has the major responsibility of taking care of all the other wives and their children.

Except that it turns out that not all legal wives do that: “I’ve seen plural families where some first wives abuse the responsibility of taking care of the estate,” admits Robyn, who’ll now be taking on the potential burden of the entire family if anything happens to Kody.

‘Sister Wives’ Divorce: What Lies Ahead For Kody And Robyn

There are still big questions about whether Meri’s selfless move will protect Robyn’s kids. Robyn’s first husband has now been publicly shamed as the jerk he is—so will he now be even more of a pill and not allow Kody to adopt the kids? Just because Robyn’s first husband doesn’t want to pay child support or see his kids doesn’t mean he’ll make way for Kody to be their official father.

The Browns have three major “walls” ahead of them once Meri and Kody are officially divorced: 1) Kody and Robyn need to legally marry; 2) Robyn’s first husband needs to give up his parental rights, and 3) a judge must approve Kody as the children’s new legal father.

It makes you wonder if being such a public polygamous family is a good idea, when the family is facing such a heartrending personal and legal problem.

Still, you have to be in awe of Meri’s lifelong sacrifice. Not only has she agreed to share her husband with three other women, but now, she’s ended her legal tie to Kody.

“This woman loves my children enough to give up her marriage and that’s the most beautiful love,” points out Robyn. So true.

It’s a situation that’s epicly biblical in proportions. And I’m not kidding!

Way to go, Meri. And Robyn– you are one lucky woman to have Meri as your sister wife!

— Bonnie Fuller

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