Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio: Would He Care If She Hooks Up With Other Guys?

Is the passion still burning between RiRi and Leo? The 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor has been getting cozy with other women, so would he care if Rihanna hooked up with other guys? HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on where they stand. Are we seeing the end of the road for Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio, or a bright new future? Leo, 40, is flirting with other women and reportedly not ready to commit to the "Stay" singer, but how would he feel if the tables were turned and Rihanna, 27, was the one with other men? Here's what we EXCLUSIVELY know on the future of the rumored Hollywood hot couple.

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Rihanna Leonardo DiCaprio Relationship
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Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Relationship: Why They’ll Never Be Committed

“Leo is as smooth as anyone can be, Rihanna knows that he will not pursue her and it’s more of a thing where they have to be at the same place at the same time,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna: First Pics Of Them Together Revealed

Sorry to disappoint, Rihanna and Leo fans! It sounds like Leo doesn’t want a relationship, so he wouldn’t be too jealous if she hooked up with other guys. Their reported late-night hookups seem to be the extent of their relationship, but RiRi doesn’t seem too disappointed!

“Now that she is hooking up with Richie [Akiva] it’s not much of a big deal to get Leo,” our source adds. “A relationship with Leo isn’t going to progress and everyone is fine with that.”

Badgal RiRi likes to have fun and no one will stop her! Plus, even if her and Leo’s brief hookup isn’t going anywhere, that’s not to say they’re on bad terms. After all, he helped throw her an unforgettable 27th birthday party!

Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Together? — Why He Won’t Commit To Dating Her

As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, it seems like Leo has never been ready to commit to the “FourFiveSeconds” singer.

“Leo is a player and is hooking up with a new model pretty much every week. Also, she’s super famous and Leo knows if they dated, his already limited privacy would be compromised,” a source told us EXCLUSIVELY. “A serious relationship with someone as high-profile as Rihanna just doesn’t interest him.”

No skin off Rihanna’s back though!

HollywoodLifers, tell us — do YOU think Rihanna and Leo make a good couple? Do you wish they could be together? Let us know!

— Julianne Ishler, Reporting by Russ Weakland