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Ariana Grande Reveals Scary Brush With Death On Honeymoon Tour — Watch

Oh, no! Ariana Grande was nearly crushed to death during a performance on her Honeymoon Tour. Click inside to WATCH as the terrified singer describes the moment she was sure she would die. Ariana Grande, 21, had a super scary accident during the opening of "Love Me Harder" on Thursday night, Feb. 26. The singer's lift malfunctioned and left her hanging off of the stage for a long, scary moment until help came and helped her out and kept her out of immediate danger. Phew!

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Ariana Grande Almost Died
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Ariana Grande Almost Died On ‘Honeymoon Tour’

Whoa. Did Ariana really almost die while on tour? The answer is yes, she almost did!

In the video above, Ariana is surrounded by her dancers as they all excitedly talk about the moment she was nearly crushed to death by a broken lift underneath the stage.

The lift was supposed to help Ariana up onto the stage for the opening of “Love Me Harder,’ but instead the wooden board snapped and tilted right underneath her feet. Ariana was forced to hang onto a metal rafter so that she wouldn’t fall into the mechanical mess underneath her, but thankfully some of the stage workers were able to come to her rescue before it was too late.

The best part about this scenario? Ariana herself re-enacts the moment she almost got crushed, and practically climbs up the metal poles underneath the stage to show her dancers — and her brother, Frankie Grande — how it all went down. Check it out above!

WATCH: Ariana’s ‘Love Me Harder’ Performance

In case you want to see the performance that nearly killed Ariana, HollywoodLife.com discovered the below video from the show. Although can’t actually see the moment Ariana nearly gets crushed, you can tell that something is wrong when it takes entirely too long for her to come on stage after the song starts.

“I almost died, just saying,” Ariana told the audience with a nervous laugh, clearly still in shock from the scary moment once she was safe and sound on the stage. Poor Ari!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you glad Ariana’s okay? What do you think about how she kept singing after the incident? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox