Bradley Cooper & Betty White Make Out In ‘The Californians’ On ‘SNL 40’

'SNL' revisited their soap opera parody sketch during the 40th anniversary special on Feb. 15. Not only did Bradley Cooper and Betty White play tonsil hockey during 'The Californians,' but Taylor Swift and Kerry Washington joined in on the fun! The Radford's hosted a family reunion during a sketch of "The Californians" on Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special on Feb. 15. The hilarious parody, which features a family of wealthy blondes with Valley Girl accents, centered on Karina's (Kristen Wiig) unannounced pregnancy, but it was celebrity guests Bradley Cooper, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and Betty White who stole the show!

Bradley Cooper & Betty White ‘SNL’ 40th Anniversary Skit — ‘The Californians’

Bradley starred as Craig the pool boy, Kerry played Dr. Julianne Richards — Karina’s OBGYN, Taylor starred as cousin Allison, and Betty White played Lana, someone who everyone thought was dead.

When Dr. Julianne Richards showed up to the reunion, she shocked everyone when she announced that Craig is the father of Karina’s baby. But the surprising announcement was soon interrupted by the return of cousin Allison, who was off shooting a space movie.

Allison explained how she only filmed the movie so Lana (Nanna?) could see it, but Allison assumed she was dead. In a crazy twist, Lana revealed herself to be very much alive! And she revealed that Allison likely tried to kill her so she could inherit her estate.

Furthermore, Lana said she was saved by a hunky man named…Craig! That’s right — the pool boy took care of her in “more ways than one,” she admitted. Then, Lana and Craig started making out!

What a crazy family reunion.

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Chris Rogers

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