HollywoodLife Podcast: ‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison & Laura Marano Reveal Secrets

What's the craziest thing that anyone's tried to pawn on 'Pawn Stars'? And what's Ross Lynch really like? These are two of the key questions that our podcast guests Rick Harrison and Laura Marano answered without hesitation this week. Listen now! When Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison set foot in the HollywoodLife.com podcast office, staffers were lining up with their questions. The star of the History Channel show, which has run six years, has seen just about everything at his world famous Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and he isn't afraid to talk about it.

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From Trash To Treasures, ‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Has Seen It All

“Human skulls and 250-year-old Japanese porn.” Those are the freakiest things people have brought in to sell to Rick, 45. But did he buy them? Well, you have to listen.

Rick has 4,000 people a day in his store. “People line up all day. It’s a busy, busy place,” he explains. And he confesses that he’s actually spent millions of dollars on items that sellers bring in, like gold bars. “I buy really valuable things all the time,” he tells us.

On one hand, he says, customers walk in all the time with items that they think are valuable, and he has to deliver bad news — their family heirlooms are fake. “A lot of the time I tell them and it’s like, ‘bleep, bleep, bleep’ out of their mouth.”

But on the other hand, sometimes a woman thinks she has a mildly valuable brooch worth $1000, and he’ll discover that it’s Fabergé and worth tens of thousands.

So would he buy a water bottle that Justin Bieber drank out of? Sorry, JB, Rick gives it a no-go.

But Madonna‘s cone-shaped bra? Now, that’s an item Rick would like to get his hands on.

Says Rick: “I guarantee you — someone out there would spend money on that.”

‘Austin & Ally’s’ Laura Marano Talks About Her Prom Day Gone Wrong

Now, here’s what the Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally star Laura Marano wouldn’t spend money on — “bad hair.”

Nevertheless, that’s what she has to contend with in the most major way in her new Disney Channel original movie, Bad Hair Day, premiering Friday, Feb. 13th.

Laura, 19, stars as high school tech brainiac Monica, who wakes up on prom morning with hair from hell, and the day just gets worse from there.

“Monica looks like she put her hand in the socket and got electrocuted,” Laura explains. But that’s just the beginning of her big day disasters. Her prom dress and shoes get destroyed and she ends up in a wild car chase, being pursued by a determined jewel thief.

Oh, so how was your prom, Laura?

Laura tells us that she’s actually a prom expert who’s been to at least four proms — none as disastrous as Monica’s — including an Austin & Ally prom.

Laura Marano Dishes On What Co-Star Ross Lynch Is Like In Real Life

Now, for those of you so hoping that Ally (Laura) and Austin (Ross Lynch) will get together romantically in real life, sadly, Laura insists that she and her co-star are… sigh… still just friends.

“I’ve always been taught to never date a co-star because you can get together, and then not get together, and that’s really awkward,” she confesses. But she does reveal what Ross, 19, is really like off camera: “So sweet. He can be shy. He’s chill. He plays his guitar and chills out — he’s not as talkative as I am.”

In fact, Laura, who couldn’t be more friendly, insists that being chatty is one of the biggest differences between herself in real life and her TV character. “I am way more outgoing that Ally, but on the other hand, I’m just as awkward as Ally. We’re so similar. We both love school, love to follow rules and we both love music and writing songs.”

We’re so glad Laura loves school, and she tells us that she’s definitely going to college and has already been accepted at her top choice school.

Be sure to tune in to Bad Hair Day on the Disney Channel on Feb. 13, check out Pawn Stars, and listen to our new HollywoodLife.com podcast. Senior entertainment reporter Chloe Melas and I also give you the very latest scoop on the Kanye Grammys scandal, Taylor Swift‘s flirty encounter with Hozier and the rapidly heating up romance between Selena Gomez and Zedd.

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— Bonnie Fuller

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