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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jackson Begs April To Terminate Her Pregnancy

As April awaits test results that will reveal the fate of their baby on 'Grey's Anatomy,' Jackson tries to convince her that getting an abortion might be a good idea if it's bad news. On the Feb. 5 episode of Grey's Anatomy, April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) are finally going to find out whether or not their baby will have a chance at a normal life. Meanwhile, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) tackles an impossible tumor, and Callie (Sara Ramirez) gets offered a sexy one night stand.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will April & Jackson Abort Their Baby?

As the Feb. 5 episode of Grey’s Anatomy starts, a lot of things are up in the air. Most importantly, Meredith and Derek’s marriage, as well as April and Jackson’s baby’s fate.

So, let’s see where Shonda Rhimes is going to take us.

For starters, Meredith is relying on her new “person” — Alex. Meredith is lecturing him for ignoring her text message, but his excuse is that he was having hot sex with his girlfriend, Jo. Meredith tells him he’s supposed to pause, because that’s what she and Christina would do — pause. Alex doesn’t understand, mostly because he’s not the best “person” to have as a “person,” so Meredith finally stops grilling him about it.

Instead, she asks him to scrub in on a surgery she doesn’t need his help on and instead of opting in, he tells her to get a resident. But Meredith is honest — she doesn’t want a boring resident, she wants company, someone to talk to. Alex refuses, so Bailey is Meredith’s next target. Bailey tells her the same thing, but eventually is convinced because the surgery looks like “fun.” Doctors are sort of weird, no?

Meanwhile, April and Jackson are getting some testing done by Arizona to find out the real, true fate of their baby boy. It’s sweet to see them doing this together, and April seems hopeful — optimistic, even. Hopefully, she has a right to be.

However, Jackson isn’t as optimistic. As soon as their testing is over and they have to wait for results, he suggests that they should make a decision in the instance their baby ends up having the fatal version of what’s wrong with him.

Point blank: Jackson wants to terminate.

It’s not surprising that this upsets April, who says no matter what is wrong — or not — with their baby, she’s keeping him. Even if that means he’s going to die within minutes after birth.

Later, when they are talking about their baby’s fate once again, Jackson is trying to explain that if their baby has type 2, it’s going to live no longer than 18 months in the ICU.  April doesn’t understand his point, because she just sees that as 18 months that their baby gets to spend with them.

Before they can finish their conversation, April’s mom shows up — much to Jackson’s dismay. It’s not all bad though, because April’s mom takes her out of the hospital for a change of scenery. Unfortunately for Jackson, that new scenery is to spend the day praying in church. Not exactly something that will help April make the decision Jackson wants her to.

Meredith Distracts Herself From Derek

While Arizona is treating April, Dr. Herman is with Amelia getting some tests done. As you might remember, Dr. Herman agreed to let Amelia do the surgery when the time comes — when her tumor grows to a point that it’s going to be near inoperable.

Back to Meredith, she’s finally in surgery on her patient with Bailey and it’s not going well. Unfortunately, the tumor inside her patient has grown entirely too big entirely too fast and they are forced to stop operating. When Jo questions Meredith on what they have to do next, Meredith is honest: she has “no idea.”

Next, Meredith is forced to deliver this terrible news to her patient’s husband. The tumor has wrapped around her heart, her lungs, and other terrible things in just two weeks. Meredith seems confident they’ll be able to figure it out, but hopes are not high.

However, she has a stroke of genius while examining the scans of her patient’s massive tumor. With the help of Bailey and Jo, Meredith decides to print the tumor on the 3D printer so they can figure out how to remove it. The catch? It’s going to take 10 hours to print — and that tumor is growing fast. Too fast.

As Dr. Herman prepares for the possibility of death from her tumor, she has planned a bucket list full of amazing surgeries for her and Arizona to do together in the next few weeks. Dr. Herman calls it a “crash course” in everything she needs to know about operating on infants.

Speaking of Dr. Herman, Amelia is trying to prep a group of residents for the tumor removal surgery of a lifetime. She’s speaking some major doctor lingo as she talks about lasers and procedures no one understands, including her residents. The good thing is, this is a learning process for the residents. The bad thing is, even they aren’t convinced she can remove it.

Is Callie Ready To Move On From Arizona?

In happier news, Callie tries to set up Hunt on a hot date. At the bar they run into a tech rep they had a meeting with earlier in the day, and Callie tells Hunt that she was sending him major “vibeage.”

That’s when Callie approaches the tech rep to get her and Hunt to share a drink, but she shoots down the idea immediately. Why? Well, direct quote: “He has a penis.”

The tech rep starts laying the charm on Callie immediately, telling her she’s gorgeous, and Callie is just flabbergasted by the idea because she’s a divorcee. The tech rep is okay with them not falling in love and suggests that they just have “one night,” but Callie stutters over herself before leaving the bar. Alone. Eek.

April Finally Explodes On Jackson & Her Mom

When Jackson returns home that night, he finds out that April’s mom has convinced her they don’t need to know the test results because they just need to focus on loving their baby. Jackson immediately argues the point and begs April to let him be the one to help her, not his mom, not her pastor, not anyone else but him.

As Jackson and her mom continue to argue, April finally snaps and tells them she doesn’t know anything, she just knows she’s scared — terrified. Who can blame her? It’s about time she finally told everyone around her to shut up and leave her alone, that’s for sure.

The fight doesn’t last very long though, because later, in the dark, we see April cradling her baby belly as she lays in bed. Who is it that sneaks up behind her to hold her in silence? Jackson, of course.

Meredith & Amelia Bond Over Tumors

In a random moment of bonding, Meredith opens up to Amelia and Bailey about how weird it is to sleep alone. How in all honesty, she doesn’t know how to sleep alone, and the bed feels cold because she knows Derek is gone.

Amelia lays it to her straight saying that’s exactly it, because even when Derek was here, if he wasn’t sleeping at home she had Christina. When is the last time Meredith really, truly slept alone?

The next morning, Meredith’s massive tumor has been printed and it’s got an audience. The room is filled with doctors, residents, and others who are fascinated by her figuring out how to divide and conquer this tumor to save her patient’s life.

Since this is going to take a while, the next few moments just show Meredith and the others in fast forward as they spend hours and hours figuring this tumor out.

Unfortunately, they run out of time. As they are working on the 3D tumor Meredith gets a message on her phone that the patient is bleeding because of the tumor, and they have to operate now.

In the operating room, the bleed is stopping them from seeing anything inside the patient. Meredith is too scared to go digging because she could make the bleed worse, so it’s basically the blind leading the blind.

Somehow, some way, Meredith figures it out and removes a huge, huge piece of the tumor which everyone in the operating room finds “beautiful.” It’s pretty gross to see, but it looks like Meredith might actually save the unsaveable.

Arizona Has April’s Baby’s Test Results

One significant moment at the very end of the episode shows Hunt in the boiler room standing over the vent that he and Christina loved so much. As the vent blows on him, he imagines her standing there, looking at him, and it’s the saddest thing ever.

The sadness really explodes when April and Jackson are waiting to hear their baby’s test results and Arizona comes in to tell them to wait another moment. That’s when Jackson realizes it’s Dr. Herman who is going to deliver the news, which means it’s bad news. As soon as she enters the room, both April and Jackson look stunned — and that’s how the episode ends.

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