Victoria Justice Reveals Boyfriend’s Reaction To ‘Eye Candy’ Sex Scene

Victoria Justice has been heating up the small screen in MTV's cyber-thriller 'Eye Candy'-- literally! The star got hot and heavy right away with one of her costars, and we have a feeling there's more to come. So, how does she keep her boyfriend from getting jealous? On her new show Eye Candy, Victoria Justice has a few suitors vying for her heart (more than one of whom might be a killer, but more on that some other time). Victoria chatted with EXCLUSIVELY about what it's like to watch those sexy scenes with her boyfriend, as well as her own jealous tendencies! Listen to her interview here!

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‘Eye Candy’ Sex Scenes

Nickelodeon turned MTV star Victoria recently dropped by to chat on the HollywoodLife podcast, and she gave us all the lowdown on what it’s like to go from Nickelodeon kissing scenes to something a little more, uh, mature.

Discussing the sex scenes on Eye Candy, Victoria didn’t sugar coat it when likening them to her former child star gig. “It’s very different than any kissing scene I’ve ever done on Nickelodeon, that’s for sure!” Victoria said. That it is. She did say it’s gotten easier, though.

“I mean I think at first I was a little nervous, but the actor I was working with was a great guy — he’s super cool and made me feel really comfortable,” she said. “I don’t know, once you’re in the zone and you’re filming the scene, it kinda just happened naturally, and you just kind of lose yourself.”

One person who hasn’t adjusted so well to Victoria’s sex scenes is her boyfriend, Pierson Fode. Though he’s very supportive, Victoria said that during a viewing party, Pierson wasn’t thrilled. “I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t his favorite scene to watch… I was covering his eyes.”

Ignorance is bliss, I guess!

‘I’m Not Really The Jealous Type’

So we know how Victoria keeps her boyfriend from getting jealous. But does she have her own jealous tendencies?

“I’m not really the jealous type,” Victoria said. “If my boyfriend wants to be with me and is loyal to me then that’s awesome. And if he meets some other girl, then it wasn’t meant to be.”

Preach, girl!

What do you think of Victoria’s anti-jealousy methods? Are you watching her on Eye Candy?

— Casey Mink

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