‘Sons of Anarchy’: Jax, Gemma & Juice’s Fate All Revealed

In the penultimate episode of 'Sons of Anarchy,' we knew there would be blood and tears -- and yes, even some sweat. Brace yourself, SAMCRO fans. 'Red Rose' is everything you'll want and more. With the truth finally out of Tara's real killer, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is on a hunt -- to find himself, and to find the woman who killed his wife -- his mother. With Gemma (Katey Sagal) on the run and the club in jeopardy, he makes a realization of how to find peace. And trust me, it's not pretty.

Sons of Anarchy Jax Kills Gemma
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‘Sons of Anarchy’: Is Jax Ready To Die?

Jax finally comes clean to Unser (Dayton Callie) in order to life the APB. You would have thought it was the first time Jax said it it aloud, because, “My mother killed my wife” hit real hard. In true Unser form, he asks Jax what he’ll do, how he’ll “deal with her” if he finds her — and naturally, Jax doesn’t answer.

He’s got a little more going on. During a President’s meeting, he comes clean about it all, admitting that he knows that by murdering Jury, he broke the law: “thou not murder brother.” He asks the men to make an agreement: he’ll have his club unanimously vote that it’s his time and that “Mayhem needs to land.” If they do, he wants them to throw out an unwritten bylaw that was put in place when his father ran the club. They agree, and we all know this means the end is near for Jax.

Juice Proves His Loyalty: ‘Just Let Me Finish My Pie’

Speaking of ends, we’ve watched Juice (Theo Rossi) screw over the club, try to win back its trust, over and over again. After killing Lin, he comes face-to-face with the Chinese, who don’t kill him just use him to “release” and then want him to do them a favor: kill Tully (Marilyn Manson).

In the bravest moment of his life on Sons, Juice tells Tully that he’s assigned to kill him, but he won’t do it. He knows that Jax has assigned Tully to kill Juice — and out of his loyalty to Jax and SAMCRO, he hands him his knife and asks, “just let me finish my pie.”

And so he does — and then Tully stabs him repeatedly.

Gemma’s Dad Reminds Her Of Forgiveness

Meanwhile, Gemma heads to Oregon to visit her dad, and while she thinks that’s the best way to stay hidden, that doesn’t exactly work. Since Tara was listed as Gemma’s father’s contact at the nursing home, the nurse calls Wendy to let her know that Gemma is visiting — and then everyone knows.

For Nero, his anger over the murder has turned to concern so he sends Unser to Oregon to somehow get to Gemma before Jax does. “This isn’t about saving Gemma, it’s about saving Jax,” he tells Unser — and we all know it’s about both.

‘SoA’: Will Jax Die On Finale? — He Can’t ‘Tolerate The World He Created’

In an emotional reunion with her father, Gemma apologizes to her father for the hurt and trouble she’s caused. Since he has Alzheimer’s, it’s more an apology for herself to get out. Like the sweet old man he is, he reminds her that “God forgives everyone.”

He remembers her for a moment when she says her name is Gemma, remembering that she loved the garden.

Jax Finally Comes Face To Face With Gemma

Unser beats Jax to Gemma, who’s at her father’s house. He tries arresting her and making her leave, but she refuses. Naturally, Jax shows up minutes later and tries again and again to tell Unser he needs to be alone with her. But he refuses to leave: “I can’t do that. This is all I got left.”

And with that, Jax shoots Unser.

There’s not much time to mourn Unser, as Jax and Gemma sit down for a quick, yet tearful conversation. She tells him where his father’s manuscript was, but the moment she brings up Tara, he just says “don’t.” With that, she asks him if she can go to the garden. In probably the most dramatic scene of all time, we see Jax holding a gun to her back, but breaks down in tears.

However — Gemma knows what to say. “I love you Jackson, from the deepest, purest part of my heart. You have to do this. It’s who we are sweetheart. It’s ok, my baby boy. It’s time. I’m ready.” And just like that, Jax shoots his mother in the back of the head.

Now What?

The episode ends with Jax coming home telling Wendy that no, he’s not okay. We get a flash of his white Air Force Ones, which are splattered with blood. All these seasons and this is the first time we’ve seen his white sneaks get blood on them!

Anyways, instead of an emotional hug which I would have loved to see, they end up sleeping together in a very graphic, very oh-there’s-Charlie-Hunnam’s-butt scene. Sure, it’s great to look at but totally unneccessary after such a dramatic episode! (However, major shout out to Ed Sheeran who ROCKED that new song for the last scene.)

So, if you’re keeping count, that’s three huge deaths that went down right before the season finale. We have to assume that Jax is next, and it sounds like, just like Gemma, he’s ready too. Do you think it was wrong for him to kill his mother, HollywoodLifers? Let us know.

— Emily Longeretta

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