‘True Blood’ Series Finale Recap: [SPOILER] Meets The True Death

The 'True Blood' series finale aired on Aug. 24. As always, twists and turns accompanied a crazy final episode. Did the show stay true to the end? Absolutely. The final episode of True Blood ever aired on Aug. 24. On the series finale, Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) continued to fight over his life, Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) got married and one fan-favorite character met the true death. Full recap below!

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True Blood Series Finale Recap Bill Dies
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‘True Blood’ Series Finale Recap: New Plan, New Blood

Bill was still on the “I deserve to die” train. He told Sookie he was ready to die, but all she wanted was to see him live. Bill had an unusual request for the woman he loved — he wanted Sookie to kill him.

If she gave him the true death, they they could both be free. Why would ask such a thing, Bill?!

Over at Fangtasia, Eric was contemplating a new plan. He wanted to set Sarah free. But first, he grabbed her neck and told her that they were going to kill Mr. Gus and take New Blood. 

Pam couldn’t resist Eric’s new angle on things. “I am so fu*cking with you,” Pam declared.

Pam fed Sarah her blood. With her blood inside Sarah, Eric and Pam could always find her. They glamoured Sarah to find a safe place and they would fine her.

As part of the plan, Pam and Eric killed Mr. Gus and his associates. Before the others could get to Sooki, Eric killed them, too.

very bloody Eric had all the dead guys in the back of his car and he jammed out to some rockin’ tunes.

Seriously, can we get a spinoff of Eric and Pam? Pretty please?

Pam found Sarah at a local carousel — the place where Eric turned Willa. Sarah said she was a “horrible person,” and Pam completely backed her up on that.

However, Sarah had an interesting theory.

“I would make a kickass vampire,” she said.


Sarah had the gumption to ask Pam to turn her?! Pam said N-E-V-E-R to that question. Pam only wanted one thing from Sarah, and that was her blood.

‘True Blood’ Series Finale Recap: A Wedding & A Possible Funeral

Bill continued to mull over his own stupid idea at his mansion. However, Jessica and Hoyt managed to turn his frown upside down when they stopped by. Jess didn’t want Bill to die, but if he did, she wanted him to know that she would be fine.

Suddenly, talk of marriage came up. Hoyt was ready to say “I do,” but was Jessica? Since all girls dream of a romantic wedding, Jessica was a little hesitant about the nuptials. Hoyt didn’t know her because his memories of her had been erased.

“When it’s real it can happen in an instant,” Bill told her.

Bill had never met his daughter’s husband. He never got to walk her down the aisle. He just wanted to know that Jessica would be spoken for when he’s gone. With Bill’s pity party, Jessica was ready to get married to Hoyt. (But she really does love him.)

Sookie flashed back to her childhood with Tara. We even got a glimpse of Grams! Such a sweet scene.

Later, Sookie headed to Jason’s and Bridget answered the door. Sookie heard her thoughts over Hoyt and Jason. Sookie approved, but wanted to talk about Bill. Jason didn’t really have any advice to give her — it was such a sticky situation.

Suddenly, Hoyt called Jason and Bridget didn’t know if she should pick up the phone. Talk about awkward. Hoyt had a simple request for Jason — would he be his best man? Jessica also asked Sookie if she had anything that resembled a wedding.

This is actually happening.

‘True Blood’ Recap: Wedding Time

What time is it? Wedding time! All of Bon Temps was getting ready for the special event. Andy was performing the ceremony. How sweet!

Bill wanted to talk to Andy first. There was a lot of history between them, but Andy was the last remaining heir in Bill’s family. He couldn’t leave his house to Jessica, so it would pass over to Andy when/if Bill died. He wanted Andy to rent it to Jessica and Hoyt for the summer for one dollar a month.


An adorable bromance moment between Hoyt and Jason happened. Hoyt was getting some cold feet, but Jason was there to reassure him.

“If the world was going to end tomorrow, who would you want to wake up next to?” Jason asked.

“Jessica,” Hoyt said.

Can someone please write up Jason Stackhouse’s Advice  For Love & Everyday Life. I would totally buy.

As expected, Jessica looked gorgeous on her special day. Bill gathered his strength to walk her down the aisle and it was teh cutest.

During the ceremony, Sookie heard Bill’s thoughts! Bill said he loved Sookie and wanted to be with her, but wanted her to set herself free. (Anyone else have tears in their eyes?)

The ceremony was precious. You can’t deny that that Jessica and Hoyt aren’t adorable and happy together.

As Jason brought Sookie home, she gave him a little advice about Bridget. Sookie liked her, and she knew Jason did, too.

After some thought, Sookie told Bill she would help him. They met at Bill’s grave. “Thank you,” Bill said sweetly to his love.

She watched him open his coffin, where he found a picture his daughter had given him.

This might be really happening.

Bill was ready and Sookie gathered her little ball of magic. However, she stopped before aiming toward Bill. She couldn’t get rid of her power. It was a part of who she was. She cried that she couldn’t do this for him. Instead, she made a stake and threw it in his grave.

Sookie crawled in the coffin and on top of Bill. They kissed and she held the stake to his heart. Together, they pushed the stake into his heart.

Bill Compton died. He really died.

‘True Blood’ Recap: Flash Forward

A year later, Eric is the CEO of New Blood. Pam has joined him in this new expedition. In a funny twist, Sarah is the face of New Blood.

Three years later, Pam and Eric are still doing extremely well. When they returned to Bon Temps, Sarah became their very expensive human slave. Vampires could take a bite out of her for $100,000 a minute. Sarah was still on the crazy train. She was still seeing Steve Newlin.

On the following Thanksgiving, the Bon Temps gang gathered around the Stackhouse residence.

Jason became a dad. He had three kids with Bridget.

Also, Sookie was pregnant! As the scene closed, we caught a glimpse of the man Sookie moved on with, but just his back. We don’t even get to see his face?! Aw, shucks!

As long as Sookie’s happy, we’re happy.

That’s it, folks. True Blood is over. After seven seasons of blood, tears and drama, I’m sad to see it go.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the series finale of True Blood? Did you enjoy it? Did all the loose ends get wrapped up? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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