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‘True Blood’: 10 Most Shocking Sex Scenes Over Seven Seasons

The series finale of 'True Blood' airs on Aug. 24. HollywoodLife.com has come up with our top picks of the 10 most shocking sex scenes over seven seasons. Over the course of seven seasons, True Blood has stayed true to the end in terms of shockingly hot sex scenes. From Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) to Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), HollywoodLife.com has rounded up the most shocking love scenes in True Blood history!

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True Blood Sex Scenes
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‘True Blood’: The Top 10 Most Shocking (And Hottest) Sex Scenes

Granted, all True Blood sex scenes are shocking, but these scenes were downright O-M-G moments.

1. Sookie & Eric

Sorry, Sookie and Bill (Stephen Moyer) fans. Sookie and Eric have had incredibly sexy chemistry since the beginning. Fans of the couple finally got their wish in season four when Sookie and Eric finally did the deed. 

It was legendary. 

Yes, it was amnesiac Eric, but that doesn’t take away the hotness of their rendezvous. First, Sookie and Eric had sex in the woods! THE WOODS! Then, they just couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom and they ended up making out naked as soon as they walked into Sookie’s house. This turned into multiple rounds of lovemaking and it’s totally shocking because we waited four long seasons for this!

2. Jason and Jessica

This couple was absolutely adorable, but they’ve also had their fair share of racy moments. After Jessica’s boyfriend (and Jason’s best buddy) Hoyt (Jim Parrack) dumped her, Jessica was feeling down. Jason and Jessica both drank each other’s blood and just couldn’t resist one another. They ended up doing it in the back of Jason’s truck. What?!

Later on, Jessica came to Jason’s dressed like Little Red Hiding Hood, and they engaged in one of the sexiest scenes in True Blood history. It would be a few seasons before we got another one of these shocking sex scenes, but True Blood was good to Jason and Jessica fans in the final season.

3. Eric & Nora

Yes, Eric is on this list a lot. He’s Eric. The handsome vampire is so great, he made banging his sister hot. She wasn’t technically his sister, but in the vampire world, they were as close to family as you could get.

This sibling duo reunited in season five and their sex scenes were nuts. As Eric said, “We fight like siblings, but we f*ck like champions.” There you have it folks.

4. Alcide & Rikki

Rikki (Kelly Overton) was one lucky lady. She got to bed the tall, dark and handsome werewolf that was Alcide (Joe Manganiello). In season five, these two had sex in one of the most shocking scenes yet. Alcide tossed Rikki around and these two growled like animals. Plus, we got a view of Alcide’s incredible backside. Wowzers.

5. Eric and Jason

Count this as something we never thought we would see. In a dream-like sequence, Eric and Jason started heavily making out, and then it turned into one of the craziest sex scenes we’ve ever seen on television. These two shirtless hunks kissing and touching were everything we wanted and more. Man oh man, True Blood.

6. Bill & Sookie

Just when Sookie thought Bill was dead in season one, he literally rose from the grave. As Sookie placed flowers at his burial, Bill came out of the ground and started having sex with the faerie.

Yes, really.

Sookie didn’t hesitate to have sex with this dirty naked vampire in a cemetery. She seemed to be all for it. (We weren’t.)

7. James & Lafayette

These two have been such a delight in True Blood’s final season, but their first sexual encounter raised some eyebrows. Right after James (Nathan Parsons) and Jessica broke up, James and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) did it inside (and technically outside) a car! Geez, guys. Get a room!

8. Ginger and Eric

Ginger’s (Tara Buck) life was made when Eric finally agreed to have sex with his “sex slave” in the series’ penultimate episode. Eric let Ginger choose where they did the deed and she opted for his throne! Let’s be honest, it was more of a one-sided sex scene, with Ginger finishing in seconds.

But Ginger had sex with Eric, y’all. GINGER.

9. Naomi and Tara

When Tara (Rutina Wesley) got the chance to take her clothes off, it was outrageously sexy. One of her hottest moments was with Naomi (Vedette Lim) in season four. This couple’s make out session in bed was one of the hotter moments of season four.

10. Lorena and Bill

This one is just disgusting. Bill declared that he would “never” love his progeny Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), but that didn’t stop him from ripping her clothes off and these two going at it. She scratched his back and Bill ended up turning Lorena’s head around Exorcist style while they were having sex. (No one will ever unsee that.)

HollywoodLifers, which True Blood sex scene do you think is the most shocking? Are you sad the show is ending? (We are.) Sound off on your thoughts below!

— Avery Thompson

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