Christy Mack’s Recovery: A New Kind Stranger Offers To Help

Christy Mack has received another generous offer to help her recover from injuries she suffered from a brutal attack, allegedly at the hands of ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter, War Machine. Another kind stranger has reached out to Christy Mack, 23, about helping with her recovery. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Harrison H. Lee, is willing to help Christy with facial reconstruction, since she suffered 18 broken bones in her face in that vicious assault on Aug. 8.

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Christy Mack Recovery Facial Reconstruction
Image Credit: Courtesy of Twitter/ Harrison H. Lee, MD

Christy Mack Recovery: A New Kind Stranger Offers To Help With Facial Reconstruction

Dr. Lee, who was voted a “Top Physician” for three consecutive years by the Consumers’ Research Education Council, volunteered his services to help Christy with her healing process, TMZ first reported.

We reached out to Dr. Lee, who told EXCLUSIVELY that he decided to reach out to Christy with an offer letter because he believes that it’s his duty to help those who are “less fortunate.” He hasn’t heard back from her yet.

“First and foremost, as a trained surgeon, I believe that part of my occupation is helping people through giving back to those less fortunate,” Dr. Lee explains. “These occasions usually never hit the media spotlight because they are given freely for everyday people in need of assistance. I do not believe in discrimination as to those I help based on gender, race, occupation or lifestyle.  As part of the MMA community, I believe in giving back to those who may have been a victim of someone who potentially used their training for other than its intended purpose and cannot afford medical treatment.”

The plastic surgeon, who has been featured on E!’s Dr. 90210, Extra and CNN, according to his website, feels a special connection to Christy because he himself has trained in martial arts.

“As a person who has trained in martial arts, we are taught to use our martial arts skills with discipline and respect and not to use these skills for the purpose of hurting others,” Dr. Lee says. “I am incensed that someone with this training could inflict such pain on someone they love.”

Dr. Lee’s kind offer comes over a week after Christy was assaulted, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, War Machine, 32. Christy has an extensive list of injuries, including 18 broken bones in her face, a fractured rib, and a ruptured liver.

Last week, learned EXCLUSIVELY that Dr. Nicholas Toscano — a complete stranger — had reached out to Christy about free dental work. Since then, Christy has been fitted with temporary teeth, and she tweeted about this major step in her recovery.

“Thank you @doctoradamdmd for giving me temp teeth until I can see @DrToscanoDDS in a few weeks. I cried when I saw myself with teeth again,” she tweeted on Aug. 16.

Christy has thanked all her supporters for the encouragement after the attack. learned EXCLUSIVELY from Christy’s friend that fans could help her on her journey by heading to her GiveForward page to donate. She has been vocal about her plans to return to porn after she recovers.

Christy Mack: Ex-Boyfriend War Machine Arrested After Alleged Attack

The MMA fighter accused of beating Christy nearly death was finally captured by police on Aug. 15. He was found in a hotel room outside of Los Angeles.

An eyewitness at the hotel said that police were “banging on the door” and shot War Machine with a taser, according to KTLA. The MMA fighter is currently in a Ventura jail and is being held without bail, found out. The Simi Valley Police Department recently released his mug shot. War Machine’s next court date will be on Aug. 19 at 1:30 p.m. in the Ventura County Government Center Superior Court House.

We’re so glad that so many generous people are willing to help Christy recover. We will keep you updated on the latest news in Christy’s recovery and War Machine’s court date.

— Avery Thompson

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