War Machine Joked About Killing Christy Mack — Video

This makes us feel SO uncomfortable. War Machine, who allegedly assaulted porn star Christy Mack on Aug. 8, previously joked about killing her during a 2013 video interview. Plus, he called Christy his 'property' in a poorly-timed tweet. We're not sure if the situation between Christy Mack, 23, and War Machine, 32, can get any worse. Before the mixed martial arts fighter allegedly attacked his ex on Aug. 8, leaving her with an extensive list of injuries, including 18 broken bones in her face, a fractured rib, and a ruptured liver, he joked about killing her during a 2013 interview. He also called Christy his "property" on Twitter shortly before (or after?) the attack.

War Machine Jokes About Killing Christy Mack Before Alleged Attack

War Machine, who is also known as Jon Koppenhaver, was dating Christy when they appeared together on The MMA Hour in July 2013, Larry Brown Sports reports.

In the clip, host Ariel Helwani asked Christy and War Machine about their tattoos. The porn star has “Property of War Machine” inked on her right shoulder, and he has “Mack” written on the front of his neck, across his Adam’s apple.

War Machine’s Mug Shot Revealed After Alleged Christy Mack Attack

Of course, it’s normal to wonder what people, who have their significant others’ name tattooed on their body, would do in the case of a hypothetical breakup. Ariel was curious about this, and asked War Machine what he would do if a split were to happen.

“Yeah. Well I told her what I would do is I would just kill her and then I’d get, ‘Rest in peace,’” he said.

“It’s fair enough, really,” Christy added.

“I would put ‘Rest in peace Mack,’ and say this is a memorial to my dead girlfriend,” the MMA fighter continued. “You don’t know what happened to her, maybe she’s dead.”

“I mean honestly, I would probably deserve it,” Christy said.

The exchange is super awkward and hard to watch, considering what transpired on Aug. 8. He also made a rape joke a few months ago.

To make matters worse, War Machine called Christy his “property” in a tweet sent out on the day of the assault against the adult film star.

We’re not positive whether the tweet was sent out before or after the attack, but either way, it’s not cool to consider anyone as “property.”

Christy Mack Attacked: She Claims War Machine Is At Fault

Las Vegas police (and Dog The Bounty Hunter) have been searching for War Machine, whom authorities believe allegedly assaulted Christy and one of her male friends in her Las Vegas home, since Aug. 8. Even though he denies it, Christy claims War Machine forced her to strip and shower in front of him, bashed her face, pressed a knife against her and threatened to rape her.

Christy, who plans to return to porn after the attack, revealed photos of her injuries on Twitter earlier this week, and since then, she’s been recovering with the support of her friends and family.

We know this is a lot to take in, but what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers?

— Chris Rogers

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