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Hillary Clinton: Why She Should Be The First Woman President

Hands down, Hillary Clinton would make a fabulous president of the United States. And now, with the publication of her new book, 'Hard Choices', she's given us several more reasons to want her as our country's next leader. Here are three reasons why we think she'd be great!

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Hillary Clinton First Woman President
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1. Hillary Rodham Clinton Would Be A Fabulous President BECAUSE She’s A Woman

You know that phrase, “When you’re #2, you always try harder?” Well, sadly, it’s still true that women are the second sex in this country. Women make up more of the overall population than men — 161 million versus 156.1 million — and received 25 percent more of the college degrees than men in 2009, yet we still earn just 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. Plus, only 4.2 percent of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

The fact that Hillary Clinton has succeeded so wildly then, says a lot about her character. Despite all the odds against her, Hillary has still triumphed repeatedly. First, she was a brilliant intellectual property attorney at the prestigious Rose Law Firm. She served as a New York state senator after becoming the First Lady and then, after her unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, she was named Secretary of State by President Obama.

As women, we know that we have to work harder than men to get promotions and recognition. Hillary herself told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an interview on June 9 that if she runs in 2016, she’d work hard, “as an underdog.”

So, I ask you — wouldn’t you like a person who’d work harder for you than anyone else as president? Don’t you want the woman who has beaten the odds?!

2. Hillary Has Been Through The Toughest Times & She’s Still Standing Tall

Do you want a president who came from a privileged background and never had to fight to get into a good college or to earn a living wage like you had to do? We need a president who understands tough times personally, because they will be able to better understand the challenges that most Americans have.

That’s Hillary — when the going got tough, she got going. She was raised by a mom who was abused as a child, and she was accepted into Yale Law School on her own merits — not because family members had given an endowment to the university. And when her husband, President Bill Clinton, left the White House, she and Bill had to work hard to pay off their millions of dollars of debt.

In these tough economic times, Hillary is in a far better position to understand and help people with their money problems than any multi-millionaire candidate who inherited his wealth and doesn’t believe in the government giving any help to others … like you.

And speaking of tough, Hillary has already demonstrated that she can take harsh blows, in both her personal and political world.

From her husband cheating with intern Monica Lewinsky in the White House, to enduring personal grief and political heat when the Libyan ambassador, John Christopher Stevens, was killed in Benghazi, Hillary has been through seriously difficult times and has learned from them. We need a president who can tough everything out like Hillary has!

3. Hillary Believes In Forgiveness, Not Bitterness

As a woman, Hillary has had to endure attacks not just on her political stances and actions, but also on her looks. Her outfits and her hair were constantly criticized during both the 2008 presidential campaign and her term as the Secretary of State!

“When you’re in the spotlight as a woman, you know you’re judged constantly,” Hillary admitted to Diane Sawyer during their ABC interview. “It’s just never-ending.”

In fact, Hillary joked that her book should have been titled The Scrunchie Chronicles, for the continual commentary about her hair, which she finally pulled back into a scrunchie to get it out of the way during her term as the Secretary of State.

Hillary has been in the highest government offices, and yet because she is a woman, she was continually judged for her looks — as much as she was for her performance and policy!

While that was unfair, she never let it stop her from doing a stellar job for the American people. Don’t you want a president who can handle ALL that is thrown at her and still perform to the max?

Furthermore, despite having to do everything that a man would have to do, while also enduring scathing criticism about her looks, she has not become bitter. In fact, Hillary told Diane Sawyer that she very much believes in forgiveness. She made it clear to Diane that she forgives her husband for his affair, and she also quickly forgave President Obama and worked with him in an exceptional partnership after they fought hard against each other for the Democratic nomination.

That ability to make peace with her husband and her former opponents will be essential if she’s going to be our next president, whether she’s battling Russian President Vladimir Putin or Republican leader Paul Ryan.

The fact that Hillary’s a woman should be a plus in the next presidential race, not a minus. She’s had to work under even more pressure than a man, and she’s proved that she can do it!

HollywoodLifers, wouldn’t you love to see Hillary run for president of the United States in 2016? Let me know!

— Bonnie Fuller

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