’16 & Pregnant’ Recap: Savon Contemplates Getting An Abortion

On the June 9 episode of '16 & Pregnant,' Savon is faced with a very difficult decision after her unborn baby's father abandons her. Savon's ex Eli disappears off the face of the earth after finding out that she is pregnant. While dating someone new, Savon reveals she debated having an abortion during the early stages of her pregnancy.

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16 and Pregnant Savon Abortion
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’16 & Pregnant’ — Savon’s Baby Daddy Bails On Her

Georgia native Savon is an extremely active junior in high school who is currently living with her aunt LaDonna and her two cousins.

Not only does Savon play guitar and piano, she also plays basketball and hopes to receive a scholarship for college. Well, at least she did before she got pregnant with Eli’s baby.

Eli is a bit of a “ladies man,” and after hooking up with Savon a few times he decided to drop her like a bad habit. Even after she told him she was pregnant, he simply told her to abort the baby and move on.

While out to lunch with LaDonna, Savon admits that she definitely considered having an abortion — but she didn’t have the money.

Thankfully, Savon has another man in her life already — Mauwi. He’s a college student who also plays basketball, and he seems to get along with Savon very well.

The best part about Mauwi? He knows that Savon is pregnant with another man’s baby, and he doesn’t care. She means enough to him that he can look past her mistake, and is even willing to help her raise the baby once he’s born. Wow!

Mauwi even agrees to respect Savon’s wishes not to have sex while she is pregnant.

Savon’s Pregnancy Changes Things

Once her pregnancy hits a certain point, Savon is forced to switch out of school and start taking online classes at home.

On top of homeschooling, Savon is also looking for a job so that she can afford the things she needs for her unborn baby. Since Eli is not around, Savon is going to have to supply for her baby all by herself.

Aunt LaDonna is intense, but it’s very obvious she means well. She has no intentions of kicking Savon to the curb, but she makes it very clear she is not going to help raise the baby. It’s Savon’s mistake, and her child, so she is going to have to be the sole caregiver once she arrives.

The closer Savon gets to her due date, the more Mauwi starts to fall back on his word about not pressuring her for sex. This annoys Savon, and she reminds him that she is “traumatized” from getting pregnant and is not ready to start having sex again just yet.

Mauwi isn’t happy to hear this, and he is clearly frustrated — in more ways than one.

Savon Goes Into Labor During An Ice Storm

After Mauwi goes back to school and her aunt goes on vacation, Savon is left home alone with one of her cousins for a week. Of course, that’s when an ice storm hits — and Savon goes into labor. Thankfully, her cousin is there to call 911 so that she can get to the hospital safely.

With no one but her cousin by her side, Savon welcomes her baby boy, Eden Lavon. He’s such a cutie!

Savon text messaged Eden’s father just thirty minutes after he was born, but he did not respond. She waited until she got home to tell Mauwi that the baby had been born, but she told him she wasn’t ready for company just yet. Sadly, she continued to put him off for quite some time after that as she adjusted to being a mom.

The new mom later admitted that realizing Mauwi was not Eden’s father was very hard on her, and it forced even more distance between them.

Mauwi stops by during a trip home from school, and Savon can no longer put him off. He seems so excited to see her and finally meet Eden, but Savon is quick to break his heart.

As much as it sucks for Mauwi, Savon might be making the right decision. She needs to prioritze her son and her schoolwork, and she still needs to find a job. A girl her age can only balance so many things at once, and having a boyfriend right now will only further complicate things.

Hopefully, when the time is right, Savon and Mauwi can work things out and try again. They remain friends after their breakup, which is definitely mature on their behalf.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did Savon make the right decision in keeping her baby? Should she have stayed with Mauwi? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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