’16 & Pregnant’ Recap: Jazmin’s Strict Parents Interfere With Her New Life

On the June 2 episode of '16 & Pregnant,' Jazmin is put in an awkward position when her super strict parents go head-to-head with her laid-back boyfriend, Dell. Jazmin, 17, and her boyfriend, Dell, broke all of the rules when they got pregnant just three months into their relationship. When the two teenagers try to make a life for themselves and their daughter, Laila, Jazmin's controlling parents lay down the law.

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’16 & Pregnant Recap: Jazmin & Dell Welcome Baby Girl, Laila

When we first meet Jazmin, 17, she tells us that she is a high school senior from Raytown, Missouri.

Jazmin lives with her mom, Teesha, her stepdad, Brad, and her little brother, Xavier, in a house filled with rules to keep the children from getting into trouble.

Sadly, Jazmin has already broken those rules, because she is pregnant with her first child.

Not only are Teesha and Brad strict, but they are also very religious, which is why they are so disappointed in Laila for getting pregnant just three months after she started dating her boyfriend, Dell. Jazmin also tells us that she met Dell online, and that they communicated for quite some time before deciding to meet and take things further.

Now that Laila is pregnant, Dell is desperate for them to get their own place together. He’s not a fan of Teesha and Brad’s rules, obviously, so he is hoping to avoid them altogether once his daughter is born. In order for that to happen though, Dell needs to get a job. Soon.

Jazmin & Dell Tell Teesha & Brad They Want Their Own Place

Once Dell gets a job, he tells Brad and Teesha he plans to let his money “stockpile” so that he saves all of it for when the baby arrives. Jazmin and Dell plan to get their place together, but Brad and Teesha do not approve of that idea. Instead, they want Jazmin to stay at home, and they will allow her to date Dell the same way they did before in hopes that the young couple will follow the rules this time.

Later on, Jazmin joins her family for dinner, which is when Teesha tells her daughter how concerned she is for her. Not only does she not think Jazmin is mature enough to have a baby, she also believes her daughter no longer has a chance at meeting her full potential. Teesha is also concerned that Jazmin is not taking her pregnancy seriously, and that she has no idea what to expect once Laila is born.

Brad and Teesha tell Jazmin how disappointed they are by her, and how much she hurt them. This has only encouraged Jazmin to prove them wrong, so she works very hard to get her schoolwork done so that she can graduate on time despite being pregnant. Jazmin still wants to go to college, and hopes to become a phlebotomist once she graduates.

Jazmin Is Another Teen Who Refused To Take Birth Control

Jazmin admits she did not take birth control because she heard it would make her fat and also make her lose her hair. This seems to be a reoccurring theme on this season of 16 & Pregnant, no?

Dell is working nonstop, but he is still trying hard to be there for Jazmin. On the day of her baby shower, he stops by to help her set up, and even gives her a foot massage. Sweet!

Jazmin shares that after her baby shower, she feels much more prepared for her daughter Laila’s arrival. Especially now that Dell is working and saving money, which is great.

The down side to Dell’s job? He works some really crazy hours, and it is starting to affect his sleeping patterns. After he misses a doctor’s appointment, Jazmin’s mom Teesha makes it very clear she is not happy about it.

Even though Jazmin’s parents are strict, it seems like she really gets along with her mom, Teesha. Some may find Teesha to be too strict and maybe even sometimes rude, but she is just being honest, and it’s pretty clear that she wants nothing but the best for her daughter.

Shortly before the baby is born, Brad sits down with Jazmin and Dell to go over the house rules for after the baby is born.

The house rules for Jazmin and her boyfriend Dell are as follows: Dell is not allowed in the house with Jazmin unless an adult is present. They are not allowed to have sex, and there are no sleepovers allowed. Dell is unhappy with the rules, especially because his girlfriend and his daughter will be living in the house and he won’t be able to come and go as he pleases.

However, Jazmin wants them to follow the rules as much as possible because she does not want to upset her parents again.

Jazmin Goes Into Labor

Despite Jazmin wanting things to go smoothly, Dell takes it upon himself to have a sit down with her mom, Teesha. He tells her straight up that he doesn’t feel like the house rules are fair, because he should be able to visit his daughter Laila any time he pleases. Teesha takes the talk surprisingly well, and agrees to talk to Brad about the rules so that maybe they can find a compromise. But, she makes sure to remind Dell that the rules are so strict because he and Jazmin already broke them once before.

Before Teesha can talk to Brad about changing the rules, Jazmin goes into labor. With Dell and Teesha by her side, Jazmin gives birth to her baby girl! Dell even got to cut Laila’s ambilical cord once she was born.

The beautiful Laila Aubrielle was born on October 17, 2013 weighing 6lbs and 13.5 oz. Too precious!

After Jazmin gives birth, Dell takes some time off of work to spend with her and Laila at the hospital. When Jazmin and Teesha bring Laila home for the first time, Dell heads home so that he can catch up on some sleep.

Jazmin & Dell’s Relationship Begins To Suffer

A few days after Laila comes home, Brad and Teesha sit Jazmin and Dell down to tell them that they will not be easing up on the house rules. Neither Jazmin or Dell are happy about this, but right now there is nothing they can do about it. Jazmin is especially unhappy about Dell not being able to come over at night, because Laila is very fussy and keeps her up all night. She could definitely use Dell’s help managing their newborn all night long.

Jazmin and Dell’s relationship begins to suffer because of the house rules, too. When Dell doesn’t get to see his daughter for an entire week because of his work schedule and the house rules, he confronts Jazmin’s mom again about changing them. Unfortunately, she still refuses to ease up.

I have to admit, it is impressive to see Teesha stand her ground. But, it’s definitely taking it’s toll on their relationship and Dell’s patience, which is not good.

Things get even worse for Jazmin and Dell when he asks to have Laila at his place for the night, and Jazmin quickly turns him down. She’s not comfortable letting her baby go somewhere else overnight, and I don’t blame her. Dell might be her daddy, but he hasn’t spent enough time with her yet to know what she needs.

At the end of the episode, Jazmin tells us that she would have waited to have Laila until after she graduated college, worked full-time, and had a proper home to welcome her into.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What did you think of Jazmin and Dell’s story? Do you think her parents were too strict? Let us know your thoughts below!

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