’16 & Pregnant’ Recap: Karley & Tony Struggle To Care For Twin Babies

On the May 19 episode of '16 & Pregnant,' Karley is stuck in the middle of an ongoing battle between Tony, the father of her twin girls, and her supportive mom. Will Tony's reckless spending get them kicked out of her mom's house? Karley and Tony Shipley welcome a set of unplanned twin baby girls on this brand-new episode of 16 & Pregnant. While Karley gives up everything from school to her social life to stay home and raise their daughters, Tony works full-time and spends his money on tattoos and trucks instead of baby supplies.

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’16 & Pregnant’ — Karley & Tony Welcome Twin Baby Girls

On tonight’s episode of 16 & Pregnant, we meet Karley Shipley, a 17-year-old girl from Utah. Karley has been dating her boyfriend Tony for over two years, and she is VERY pregnant with their twin daughters.

Tony and Karley are two completely different people. She is a straight A student, and he is a high school dropout. Tony confesses that he thought Karley was lying when she told him she was pregnant because they were fighting at the time. But when he saw the pregnancy tests, he finally believed her, and that’s when they decided to take the next step together.

Karley and Tony got married almost immediately after they found out they were pregnant, and he moved into Karley’s parents home so they can raise their babies together. Tony has dropped out of high school and is working full-time, but he is having a hard time adjusting to living in someone else’s home.

Right off the bat, Karley admits that she is concerned she will not be good enough for her two daughters. However, her mother is very supportive, and seems eager to help Karley get adjusted to being a mother — despite her young age.

Karley’s mom also admits that she is concerned Tony may come to resent her if she gets too involved, so she is trying to steer clear of any unnecessary drama. Meanwhile, Tony is eager to save up money so that they can move out and get their own place once they babies are born.

Karley & Tony Hope To Move Out After The Babies Are Born

Unfortunately for them, Karley’s mom is not into the idea of them leaving so soon. It’s easy to understand why she is so concerned, because Tony claims that he doesn’t worry about money — he just deals with it when he has to. That doesn’t sound like a brilliant plan for saving, does it?

The young couple visit with a realtor to figure out what they will need financially to move out, and they find out that Tony is barely making enough to pay rent every month. Karley seems concerned about it, but once again, Tony doesn’t seem phased at all.

Further into the episode, Tony skips out on a doctors appointment with Karley so that he can get a tattoo. Yes, really. Even better? The new tattoo reads: “family first.” No word yet on whether or not he had “but only if I’m not getting a tattoo” filled in underneath it.

Before Karley can even put too much thought into it, she goes into labor. There is a delay in giving birth because one of the babies has not completely turned, so after hours of waiting Karley has a c-section to welcome her two precious little girls.

Amayah and Amariah were born happy and healthy on Nov. 14!

Even though they are both healthy, the babies were a couple of weeks early so they need to spend a few more days in the hospital before they are allowed to come home.

Tony’s Priorities Are Not In Order

The first day the twins are home, Karley is overwhelmed. She is fortunate enough to have her mom and sister to help her, but it’s clear that she was not expecting two babies to be so much work.

Out of nowhere, Tony tells Karley that he is thinking of buying a truck, things get tense very quickly. Things get even worse when Karley finds out that the truck only seats three — and with the twins there are four of them. Karley reminds him of that, and makes sure to mention that he should be buying things they need and not things they want.

Tony tells Karley that it’s not her decision to make, because he is the money-maker. It’s a harsh blow, and it’s enough to set Karley off. She tells him that if he wants to quit his job and take care of their twins all day long, she will gladly go out and get a job so that she can choose what do with their money.

Despite the argument, Tony buys the truck anyway. Karley is devastated that he spent all of their money on a beat up pick-up truck, but Tony is too stubborn to care. In fact, he refuses to argue with her and instead decides to storm out of the house while telling his wife to kiss his a**. How upsetting.

Tony’s careless spending leaves Karley feeling guilty about mooching off of her parents. It’s bad enough that they are living with Karley’s parents, but if Tony does not want to support his family than Karley fears she will be stuck living with her parents forever.

Tony & Karley’s Mom Have A Major Blow Out

When Tony returns to the home to talk to Karley about their fight, her mom immediately gets involved. Before you know it, Tony and Karley’s mom are screaming at each other. Karley’s mom wants him to show some gratitude, and Tony just wants to be left alone, so neither one of them are going to win this war. Eventually, Karley kicks Tony out for telling her mother to “shut the f**k up” and calling her a “crazy b**ch.”

The worst part about this huge blow up is that it happened while Tony and Karley were holding their newborn daughters. No child should be subjected to hostility like that, especially two precious little babies who are still so new to the world.

The next morning, Tony returns and opens up to Karley about why he lashed out at her mom. He admits that he lives his life day-by-day, and he takes things as they come. He also admits that he needs to grow up, and he apologizes, which you can see means a lot to Karley.

“If I could go back, I would go on birth control and everything.” Karley tells us at the end of the episode. She also explains how difficult her life has become, because even though she has been forced to grow up and mature, her husband is still a teenager who doesn’t understand why he needs to grow up, too.

“Without my family, I don’t know where we would be,” Karley explains.

Hopefully, Tony grows up sooner rather than later, because Karley and those two little girls of hers deserve the world.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What did you think of Karley and Tony’s story? Will the make it? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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