’16 & Pregnant’: Arianna Fears Her Baby Will Grow Up Without A Father

On the May 5 episode of '16 & Pregnant,' Arianna and Maurice are expecting a baby together after dating for just over a month. After breaking up, the couple struggles to get along and share the financial responsibility that comes with being young parents. Arianna and Maurice are broken up and constantly fighting about money. Will they be able to put their differences aside for their newborn son, Aiden?

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16 and Pregnant Arianna Maurice
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’16 & Pregnant’ — Meet Arianna & Maurice

On the May 5 episode of 16 & Pregnant we are introduced to Arianna, a senior in high school from Smyrna, Georgia.

Arianna is six months pregnant by her boyfriend of only a month and a half, Maurice. These two were friends first so they happen to know each other very well, but the surprise pregnancy has changed everything between them.

After multiple fights, and Maurice continuously flaking on helping Arianna with bills, he suddenly demands a paternity test. Not surprisingly, that is the end of their “relationship.”

Arianna definitely needs Maurice’s financial help, because while she is pregnant she is living with her grandma in a one bedroom apartment. That means they share a bed, which can not be comfortable for either of them. However, Arianna does not want to live with her mom any more because she does not like her new husband. She also can’t go live with her dad, because he left them when Arianna was just a baby.

One of the first things we learn about Arianna is that she is close with her mom, Michelle, who had Arianna when she was just 17 years old. Michelle tells her daughter that she is not devastated about the unplanned pregnancy, but she is disappointed. No one wants to see their children struggle, and Michelle is worried that having a baby at such a young age means Arianna will be left struggling financially.

Interestingly enough, we find out that Maurice’s father is also not around. Maurice’s family seems concerned about the fact that he is not working and has no money coming in. How can he support a child without having a job? Making matters worse, we also find out that it’s Maurice’s family who suggested Arianna get a paternity test.

Arianna’s Friends Support Her Through Pregnancy

Thankfully, Arianna has amazing friends. Even though Arianna has started homeschooling, her friends invite her to homecoming. At first she is hesitant about going because she thinks the other students will judge her for being pregnant, but she is eventually coaxed into going.

Going to homecoming was a great idea, because it raises Arianna’s spirits and allows her to have a fun night out. After the dance, she tells her friend that she definitely needs to work on getting out of the house more often — pregnant or not.

Soon after homecoming, Arianna goes in for a 3D sonogram that allows her to see her baby’s face just eight weeks before giving birth. It’s a touching moment, but it haunts her later. While she is sleeping that night, she has a dream that her son asks her where his father is — and she doesn’t have an answer to give him.

This inspires Arianna to reach out to Maurice and have a face-to-face conversation about the baby’s needs. Arianna desperately tries to get it through Maurice’s head that he needs to be working and he needs to be chipping in with medical bills and things for the baby before he arrives, but Maurice just doesn’t get it. He is very immature, and it is slowly taking it’s toll on Arianna who finally snaps on him until he leaves her all alone.

Maurice and Arianna clearly have very different lifestyles. While Arianna’s family is struggling to pay for her medical bills, Maurice’s family is going shopping and buying things for the baby to keep at their house. It’s sad to watch, because Arianna really needs Maurice’s support, and he refuses to give it to her.

Just six weeks before she is due, Arianna’s family and friends throw her a shower. It’s exciting to see Arianna receive so many things she needs without having to burden her mom and her grandmother any more than she already has. Maurice and his family are a no-show at the shower, though.

Aiden Arrives One Week Early

When the time comes for Arianna to give birth, she calls Maurice to give him the news and he tells her he is on the way. It’s surprising to see that he is so eager to be there, but once he arrives he is very sweet and affectionate towards Arianna.

Then, Aiden Connor is born! He is a sweet little baby, and both Arianna and Maurice are very happy that he has arrived.

Of course, that does not last long. When Aiden is just one day old, Arianna and Maurice get into another argument over his lack of responsibility, and soon enough Arianna kicks Maurice out of her hospital room.

It is really sad to see that these two just can not get it together. Their baby is just one day old, and they are already arguing in front of him. That is not a good start to little Aiden’s life.

Maurice tries to play the victim with his family, who tell him that Arianna is just being dramatic. This is another one of the major differences between Maurice and Arianna, because it’s clear that Maurice is a little spoiled while Arianna is struggling to keep a roof over her head. Not to mention that her family is much more realistic about the situation, while Maurice’s family thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong. Shouldn’t his family want him to be responsible and care for his own child without their help?

Watching Arianna struggle with her newborn son is an even sadder sight. In one troubling scene, Arianna is up all night with Aiden who refuses to stop crying. Since she shares a bed with her grandma, that means all three of them are up for the whole night.

Maurice Finally Steps Up To The Plate

After that one bad night, Aiden’s dad Maurice finally gets some sense knocked into him. Not only does he get a job, but he buys a bunch of things that Arianna needs — like diapers, wipes, and more — and brings them over. During his visit, he even helps soothe Aiden and prepares a bottle while Arianna gets to relax. It’s a few steps in the right direction, but Arianna knows she has to see how he is in the long run before making any decisions.

Some time passes, and Arianna and Maurice decide to spend some time together alone. Not only are they getting along better, but Maurice shows up with some gifts for Aiden! It’s really nice to see that he has started to chip in, but Arianna is right in hesitating before getting too comfortable with him again.

During their night out, Arianna and Maurice get into another argument. This time when Arianna storms out, Maurice goes running after her. When he finds her, she finally gets the apology she has been waiting for since they broke up.

At the end of the episode, Arianna and Maurice are still not back together as a couple. But Maurice has stepped up to the plate and is showing that he wants to be a father, with or without the committed romantic relationship he once had with Arianna.

No matter what, Arianna and Maurice want their son to have both of his parents around — which is something they did not have while growing up.

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