’16 & Pregnant’ Recap: Millina Is Burdened By Her Troubled Family

On the April 28 episode of '16 and Pregnant,' a high school dropout is forced to give up her party girl lifestyle after she becomes pregnant. Millina, 17, is also burdened by her troubled family, including a drug addict mother who is currently locked up for multiple drug charges. Millina, 17, makes some very difficult decisions after realizing that she must put her son first so that he is not raised in the same toxic environment that she was.

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’16 & Pregnant’ — Millina & Trevor’s Story

In this brand new episode of 16 & Pregnant, we are introduced to Millina Kacmar. She is a 17-year-old high school dropout from Harrison Township, Michigan. Millina’s parents are divorced, which is no surprise when you find out that her mother is a drug addict who can’t stay out of jail, and her father is super flaky and financially unstable. Because of her not-so-great parents, Millina and her younger brother Moses have been living with their grandma.

Millina quickly tells us that she went through a “rebellious” stage which is when she dropped out of high school to join the rave scene. While she was busy partying all night with glow sticks, she met her boyfriend Trevor. Unfortunately for them, they have to ditch the glow sticks for diapers now that Millina is pregnant.

At seven months pregnant with a baby boy, Millina and Trevor have decided to name their son Kayden. Millina’s mother has been in jail for the entire duration of her pregnancy, which has not made things easy for the teenager. However, her hopes are high that her mom will be released into a rehab facility soon so that they can start spending time together before the baby is born. For now, they talk constantly on the phone.

Though their relationship doesn’t seem very strained as they talk on the phone, Millina admits that she is having a difficult time dealing with her pregnancy without her mom. Millina talks to Trevor about this, and he reminds her that her mother is a grown woman who makes her own decisions and has to face her own consequences. He seems like a smart kid, so hopefully he sticks by Millina throughout her difficult pregnancy.

Much like Autumn Crittendon on the previous episode of 16 & Pregnant, Millina admits that she was “against” birth control because she heard that other people were having issues with theirs — like gaining weight. Because of this, she has decided to research birth control for after Kayden is born so that she doesn’t end up with a second unplanned pregnancy.

Millina Does Not Want Kayden To Deal With An Addict Mother

During a quiet dinner with her friend Haley, Millina admits that although she misses her party lifestyle, she has no plans to return to raving after Kayden is born. Millina has experienced first hand what it’s like to have a mother who puts drugs and alcohol before their child, and she doesn’t want to do that to her own son.

When we are introduced to Trevor’s mom, Tina, Millina describes her as “emotionally unstable” and “judgmental.” Apparently, Tina suffers from a health condition that causes her to have seizures without any warning. The judgmental part of her personality is in regards to Millina’s mom’s situation, which she probably can’t be blamed for.

Despite her issues with Tina, Millina tries very hard to always be polite and put their differences aside because it is important to Trevor that they get along. However, while showing Tina the 3D ultrasound photos they had taken of the baby, Tina loses her cool within minutes. After offering to help them take care of the baby, Millina mentioned her concerns about Tina’s seizures. I have to admit that I don’t blame Millina for this, because if she were to have a seizure while holding the baby, the baby could be in grave danger. What if she dropped him? It’s a scary though, and Millina has every right to be concerned. But it’s a touchy subject for Tina, and she is quick to remind Millina that her own mother isn’t there for her like she is. Ouch.

Millina’s grandmother seems to be the only stable person in her life. She has Millina’s best intentions at heart, but she is also adamant about not taking care of Millina’s baby for her. I guess she doesn’t want to be the next Barbara Evans!

Even though she should be focusing on setting up where she is going to live with her baby when he is born, Millina is burdened with having to worry about her mothers legal issues. Millina attends a court hearing for her mothers case in hopes that she will be released, but there is no such luck. Unfortunately, after prosecutors claim that Millina’s mother has a history of relapsing and fleeing once she is released, the judge decides to keep her in custody until the case is resolved. This means that Millina’s mom will be in jail for the rest of her pregnancy, including when she gives birth to Kayden. How sad.

Trevor’s Mom Loses Her Cool With Millina

Millina makes an effort to spend more time with her dad, because she wants to find out what sort of relationship he hopes to have with her son. Millina’s dad Steve admits that he has had a lot of issues: drugs, alcohol, financial, anger, abuse, and more. It’s scary to hear, but he claims that he is not like that anymore. Steve shares that he went through rehab and therapy to get his life together, and he certainly seems to be in a better place than Millina’s mom.

Meanwhile, Trevor’s mom has decided to move in with a friend who has a house that is “three times” as big as their house. Tina has invited Millina to come and live with her and Trevor. Millina tells Trevor exactly how she feels: she does not feel comfortable living with Tina’s mom because of her health issues. Trevor tells Millina that she has to talk to Tina on her own and tell her how she feels otherwise she will just keep pushing for her to move in with them. Millina is reluctant, but she agrees.

When Millina finally sits down to talk with Tina, we find out why she is reluctant. As soon as Millina tells Tina that she is not comfortable leaving her baby alone with her because of her seizures, things get heated really quickly.

Tina doesn’t understand why Millina has concerns about leaving her baby with her, which is baffling because even Tina has admitted she has a disability and will be living with a friend who plans to take care of her. How can she care for a baby when she can’t even care for herself? It’s sad to see her outburst, but it’s clear that Tina needs to face reality.

Millina sits her grandma down to tell her about how Tina went “apeshit” on her and Trevor. Things have really taken a turn for the worse, because now Trevor has to spend time making up with his mom instead of helping Millina prepare for their baby’s arrival. Before Millina can talk to him about it, she goes into labor.

Despite their argument, Tina comes with Trevor to the hospital and sits in the waiting room while Millina is giving birth.

Kayden James Michael was born on Dec. 5 at 7lbs and 13oz. How exciting for Millina and Trevor!

Trevor Turns On Millina

Four days after the baby is born, Millina is at home in her grandma’s house. Trevor comes over to visit, but he is being pushy about bringing the baby to see Tina. Trevor tells Millina that Tina is trying really hard to put her negative opinions behind her so that Millina will let her see her grandson.

While some teen moms really struggle with having a baby, Millina is a natural. She spends a lot of time with Kayden while her grandma and Trevor are at work, and by the looks of it she really has motherhood down pat. From changing diapers, to feeding, to sweet little cuddles, Millina is a very attentive young mom who has her child’s best interest at heart. It’s refreshing to see.

Unfortunately, Millina and Trevor’s relationship is starting to suffer because of Tina. When Millina continues to ignore Tina’s phone calls, Trevor gets involved because he wants to see his girlfriend and his mother getting along. So, now not only is Millina fighting with Tina, now she’s also fighting with Trevor.

A month after the baby is born, Millina brings him to her mom’s next court hearing. It’s a sentencing hearing, and her mom can either face more jail time or finally be put in an in-patient rehab facility. During the hearing, Millina holds Kayden up so that her mom can finally see him in person. When the judge asks Millina’s mom why she deserves to be released, she mentions that her addiction kept her from the birth of her grandson. Her speech about wanting to “get it right” seems sincere, but the judge is not buying it. Instead, he sentences her to 200 more days in county jail. Everyone is upset about the decision, including Millina’s grandma. Once again, Millina has to be strong for everyone around her.

After the court hearing, Millina reaches out to Trevor for support but he refuses to return her calls because of the fight with his mom.

Millina finally goes out for the first time without the baby when she goes for mani-pedi’s with her friend. Thankfully, her grandma is watching Kayden, and that allows her to have some downtime.

Millina Realizes Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Finally, Millina caves and asks her dad to bring her and Kayden to visit Trevor and Tina. When Millina tells Trevor and Tina that she has been working day and night to take care of the baby by herself, Trevor reminds her that she could be living with him where there are more people to help take care of Kayden. It really seems like they are trying to bully her into the decision, especially when everyone — including her dad — gets on her case about bringing the baby to the courthouse.

It’s the straw that breaks the camels back. Millina breaks down and admits that it feels like everyone is ganging up on her. No one, including Trevor, understands what she is going through.

Millina and Trevor spend time alone with Kayden after the incident at his house, and she tries to get him to understand that she is only putting Kayden’s best interest above everything else. She also tries to get him to understand that his mom bullies her, but he doesn’t really get it.

At the end of the episode, Millina admits that this is not how she wanted Kayden to grow up — in a broken home.

“It’s important that Kayden never has to feel the things that I’ve felt,” Millina explains as the episode ends.

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