Naya Rivera Kicked Off Of ‘Glee’ For Being A Diva On Set — Report

Naya Rivera is not having the best of luck lately. First, her engagement to Big Sean was called off, then rumors swirled about on-set fights with 'Glee' costar Lea Michele, and now, Naya has been written off the season finale! Naya Rivera's return to Season 6 of Glee has already been up for speculation, but being booted out of the Season 5 finale? That's gotta hurt! Sources report that Naya's character Santana has been written out of the big finale because she's being a huge diva on set!

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Naya Rivera Kicked Off Of ‘Glee’

Goodbye, Santana! Naya Rivera has been kicked off of Glee‘s Season 5 finale, according to multiple reports. Naya’s character is being written out of the big episode because she’s been acting like a huge diva on set, arguing with the producers and allegedly sparking fights with Lea Michele.

“Last week rumors began circulating that an on-set ‘diva off’ between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera led to Naya being removed from set and allegedly fired,” according to PopWrapped.

The New York Daily News also reported that Naya is indeed being written out of the finale, but not because of Lea. “She went off. But it had nothing to do with Lea.”

Is Naya Rivera Jealous Of Lea Michele? reported that Naya has recently encountered problems on set, but Lea had nothing to do with them and she is completely removed from the entire situation — so is Naya’s jealously the root of her being booted by producers?

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“Naya’s been showing up, clashing with a few cast mates, and [her] behavior’s been a little erratic and unpredictable,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told “This time around, she’s trying to pin it on Lea. It makes no sense.”

The source continued to detail Naya’s diva attitude from a specific on-set problem earlier this month, and further explained that Lea was not involved.

“Lea didn’t even know that Naya complained, if that did in fact happen,” the sources revealed. “She [Naya] showed up to the set in really bad shape — she’s been acting more and more erratically on set. She went off on one of the producers on the show and they got really upset with her and it escalated from there.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Naya has also publicly outed Lea, telling our sister site, TVLine, that the actress behind Rachel started Naya’s exit rumors. “I guess Lea was doing interviews and had omitted me from the New York cast list,” Naya said, adding, “but I’m sure that was just a Freudian slip on her part, or maybe it wasn’t.”


HollywoodLifers, will you miss Santana on the season finale? Do you think that Naya will be fired from the entire series for acting like a diva? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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