‘Glee’ Recap: Rachel Puts Entire Broadway Career At Risk

Nothing could stand in Rachel Berry's way to get to Broadway before she was on the big stay. However, now that she's already there, it's no longer enough. While Rachel (Lea Michele) struggled to figure out where her future was heading, Blaine (Darren Criss) received amazing advice about his future from socialite June Holloway (Shirley MacLaine). Unfortunately, Rachel's choice threatened her chance at being successful on Broadway, and Blaine's threatened his relationship with Kurt (Chris Colfer).

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Rachel Puts Her Broadway Career At Risk

With the success of “Funny Girl,” Rachel knows she’s a big deal — or at least thinks she is. When meeting her agent, he informs her that she doesn’t have a TV/movie career, but has a “face for radio.” Heartbroken, she continued on her Broadway run, but was no longer satisfied with just that. So when she got a visit from a Fox exec who wants her on a new show, she couldn’t say no.

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Unfortunately, to try out, she will have to miss a night of the show. So, she faked sick and headed to LA. While she performed a stunning version of “The Rose,” it was clear that’s not what they wanted. They wanted her to act in a  galactic show.

She attempted to read the horrible script, but clearly didn’t want to be there anymore than they wanted her to be. So, out she went.

Klaine’s Relationship Interrupted By June Dolloway

Meanwhile, Kurt was super excited about socialite June Holloway coming to NYADA, and even though Blaine didn’t know who she was, Kurt brought him along to the ceremony to celebrate the dance club being named after her.

The engaged couple performed One Direction‘s “Story of My Life,” and June was blown away — by Blaine. She invited him to talk about his future over a huge gala, which of course bugged Kurt, but like a good fiancé, he still supported him. At the gala, they performed together (!) and then had drinks — where she told him flat out that he should break it off with Kurt and focus on his career, and that if he decided to do so, she would help him get there.

Blaine said no, but continued to meet with her while they planned a showcase show of his talent — and decided the best way to solve it all was to lie to Kurt about it and tell him he’ll be involved in the showcase.

Mercedes Puts Career On The Line For Santana

Mercedes (Amber Riley) was having a hard time coming up with new music for her record, so enlisted a very willing Santana (Naya Rivera). After getting out of the studio to get a fresh sound, the girls rocked a Lauryn Hill song, “Doo Wop (That Thing),” showing that they could really sing together. So Mercedes thought that meant that she should record a duet with Santana for the album.

Her producer had another idea — if she wanted a duet, get someone bigger than Santana and have her sing back up. Ouch, not exactly what Santana wanted to hear, so she bowed out. Mercedes wasn’t going to let that happen, so she talked her producer into making it happen.

Santana Proves She Can Be A Good Friend

The super kind gesture even inspired Santana to be a good friend, for once. When Rachel left the Fox audition, she had 15 missed calls from her “Funny Girl” director Sydney, saying that her understudy fell off the stage and couldn’t attend. Since she couldn’t get back in time, Santana stepped in!

Rachel ended up fessing up anyway to Sydney, who didn’t fire her but called her an “irresponsible” child and threatened to ruin her reputation forever if she lied to him again. Ironically, after she stepped out of the meeting and broke down, she got a call from Fox — they wanted to build a show all around her, and she wouldn’t even need to leave NYC.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked that Blaine lied to Kurt? Do you think Rachel should take the deal with Fox? Do you think she should have gotten fired? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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