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Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson & More: The 6 Sexiest Superheroes

Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson have taken the role of superhero to a new sexy level. Take a look at our gallery to see these two and more sexy superhero women from Marvel and DC comics. Only Jennifer Lawrence can look hot with blue scaly skin and only Scarlett Johansson can look sexy with in an all leather cat suit with two Glock pistols strapped to her hips. We have put these two together along with more of the sexy comic book women you love to watch kick a** and take names.

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Jennifer Lawrence: Mystique

Jennifer shape shifted her way to fame as the powerfully seductive Mystique from Marvel Comics classic book and movie franchise The X-Men. As soon as she made her first appearance on-screen as the sometime villain/hero back in 2011 comic book fans were hooked.

Jennifer played a younger Mystique at the time for the film X-Men: First Class.

Scarlett Johansson: Black Widow

Scarlett has been rocking the screen as the no-nonsense, hard-hitting, and extremely sexy Natalia Romanova — the Black Widow! Scarlett began her role in the first IronMan movie starring Robert Downey Jr. back in 2008. The film was the first phase in a series of classic Marvel comic book pictures that also included her character.

The most recent Marvel film to be released featuring Scarlett’s character was the sequel to Captain America called Winter Soldier. The film, which stars Chris Evans as “Cap,” opened in theaters nation-wide on April 4.

Who was your sexiest superhero HollywoodLifers, let us know which sexy comic book character you would love to see star in her own movie.

— Bryant Perkins

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