10 Sexiest Shirtless Superheroes: ‘Man Of Steel’ Henry Cavill & More

Browse our gallery of hottie heroes in their super (birthday) suits and vote for your favorite(s)! They are the sexy studs you want saving your life against a dangerous villain. Whether you like the brooding protector or the sarcastic lothario, there’s a hot hero for everyone. Let’s face it -- too many shirtless superheroes are never a bad thing.

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10 Sexiest Shirtless Superheroes

Henry Cavill, Man Of Steel

There have been many men who’ve donned the Superman suit, but Henry Cavill definitely makes the top of the Sexiest Superman list. This hero from planet Krypton blows our mind with his incredible abs, statuesque features, and those baby blue eyes. Lois Lane, you are one lucky girl.

Stephen Amell, Arrow

This sexy vigilante is the only one we see on a weekly basis. From saving the citizens of Starling City to intense flashbacks of fighting for his life on an island, this sexy stud could not get any hotter. Plus, we can watch him do pull-ups ALL DAY.

Hugh Jackman, The Wolverine

Only Wolverine could make claws and intense side burns look crazy hot. We’re beyond psyched that we get another look at this ripped hero in The Wolverine this summer. This immortal beast is one we’ll always drool over.

Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This nerdy high school teen in The Amazing Spider-Man totally makes us swoon with his hilarious wit and geeky charm. His sexy shirtless scenes and hot chemistry with onscreen love Gwen Stacy is out of this world.

Chris Hemsworth, Thor 2

We thought our eyes were deceiving us when we saw this godly superhero in both Thor and The Avengers. His ripped body and long mane of blond hair seem almost mythical – and who knew throwing around a huge hammer would be so hot?

Chris Evans, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We never imagined that scrawny Steve Rogers would turn into such a mighty stud. A former military man (swoon), this Avenger can save the world from peril for us all day, everyday.

Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 3

This superhero clearly has it all – the brains, the body, and his notorious snarky wit. Tony Stark has an unbelievably sexy swagger and at the end of the day we want this metal head saving us from doom.

Jeremy Renner, The Avengers 2

Jeremy Renner makes us blush with his strong, silent type in The Avengers and we’re hoping for more chemistry-filled scenes with Black Widow in The Avengers 2. He can do wonders with his bow and arrow; he doesn’t even have to look at his target. So Hawkeye, have you ever thought about playing Cupid with us?

Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern 2

Even though the movie was slightly underwhelming, that didn’t make the Green Lantern any less sexy. This fine test pilot looks amazing in his tight green bodysuit that makes all normal guys positively green with envy – and if we’re being honest, his cockiness is just irresistible.

Christian Bale, The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is brooding yet sensitive, which makes him unbearably attractive in our book. Between his beefed-up bod to his skintight black suit and cape, we worship this superhero. While he is über confident Bruce Wayne by day, Batman saves the people of Gotham at all costs during the night.

— Avery Thompson

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