‘Sam & Cat’ Cancelled? Jennette McCurdy’s Pics Threaten Show

Uh oh! Jennette McCurdy's selfie scandal has Nickelodeon on the brink of canceling 'Sam & Cat'. The hit series, which also stars Ariana Grande, is in trouble, after Jennette's racy photos were leaked in March. Keep reading to find out if the show is canceled! Jennette McCurdy is not having the best year ever. After nearly nude selfies were leaked online, the Nickelodeon starlet skipped out on the Kids' Choice Awards because she was upset with the network. Now, she's reportedly feuding with co-star Ariana Grande and Nick might pull the plug on Sam & Cat.

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Nickelodeon Canceling ‘Sam & Cat’ After Jennette McCurdy’s Racy Pics?

Poor Jennette! After dealing with the public humiliation of nearly naked photos being leaked, the starlet is on the verge of unemployment.

According to the New York Daily News, Nickelodeon is threatening to cancel hit series Sam & Cat, in light of Jennette’s recent scandal.

“The future of Sam & Cat is hanging by a silky thread after sultry selfies shot by one of the show’s thong-clad stars, Jennette McCurdy, were leaked online last month,” the newspaper reports.

Production on the kids’ sitcom has halted and the show has yet to be renewed for a second season, despite its huge success.

This news is shocking, as Jennette’s series is a big hit among her young fans with more than 4 million viewers, but it comes as no surprise, as the young actress recently bashed Nickelodeon on Twitter, as HollywoodLife.com reported. After tweeting fighting words, Jennette took to her Twitter again, saying, “My previous tweet has nothing to do with pics leaked,” adding, “It has to do with how Nickelodeon treated me. That’s all. Thanks for the love.”

Her fans certainly are sticking by her side, but is Ariana Grande? The Daily News goes on to say that Jennette is not fond of Ariana, who won the award for Favorite Actress at the Kids’ Choice Awards. “McCurdy, 21, has also been feuding with her co-star, Ariana Grande, 20, and others at Nickelodeon.”

We have to wonder if Ariana consulted Jennette for advice after she happened to be at the center of a recent nude photo scandal, which turned out to be fake.

Nickelodeon insists that Jennette’s racy pics have nothing to do with the rift: “The photos caused no issues between McCurdy and the network, and we have the utmost respect for her.”

Jennette McCurdy Mad About Money?

Despite Jennette’s X-rated selfies, TMZ is reporting that her troubles with Nickelodeon are actually all in the name of money.

“Jennette McCurdy’s beef with Nickelodeon is strictly about the almighty dollar and how she makes less than her Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande,” the site reports, also noting Jennette’s recent tweet, after she was a no show at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

“McCurdy’s dissatisfaction is rooted in her paycheck, the site continues. “We’re told the pint-sized star is pissed that Grande makes way more money than her and she’s been trying to renegotiate her deal.”

TMZ also notes that Jennette has no problem with Ariana, and is just upset with the network. Whatever the outcome of Sam & Cat, we hope that Jennette and Ariana can still be friends!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Nickelodeon will cancel Sam & Cat? And what do you think the reason is — sexy selfies or money?

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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