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Paul Walker: Meadow’s Mom Removes Her From Family Home, Causes Feud

The custody battle for Paul Walker's daughter continues, and things are getting ugly. A new report claims that Meadow, 15, was removed from her grandmother Cheryl's home by her alcoholic mother, Rebecca Soteros. Poor Meadow. Paul Walker's daughter Meadow has been removed from her grandmother's home by her mom, Rebecca Soteros. Find out what happened to cause this major rift right here.

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Paul Walker’s Daughter Removed From Walker Family Home

It seems like things are really taking a turn for the worse in the custody battle for Paul Walker‘s daughter, Meadow.

After Paul died in a horrific car crash on November 30, 2013, Meadow moved in with his mother, Cheryl Walker. Meadow’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, also moved from her home in Hawaii to live with Meadow and Cheryl until things “settled down.”

According to TMZ, after Cheryl filed for legal custody of Meadow on March 19, Rebecca decided to remove Meadow from the house without warning. This has caused a major feud between the mothers, and now Cheryl is prepared to destroy Rebecca’s chances of keeping custody of Meadow in a court hearing on March 27.

As has previously reported, Rebecca has had a vicious drinking problem for the past six years. It’s the reason Meadow called her dad up in 2001 asking if she could live with him in Los Angeles.

Paul Wanted Cheryl To Take Meadow Before He Died

In a previous report from TMZ, a source close to the Walker family revealed that Paul asked his mom to be Meadow’s legal guardian the morning before his fatal car accident.

Apparently, Paul felt that he was too busy to give Meadow the full-time care she deserved, and he wanted to make sure that an appropriate legal guardian was available for her at all times. After going through a handful of nanny’s that did not work out, Paul finally asked Cheryl to quit her job as a nurse and take legal custody of Meadow. Cheryl happily obliged, and Paul called multiple family members that same day to spread the news.

Sadly, Paul was never able to legally assign guardianship to Cheryl because he died later that very same day. Tragic.

Hopefully the Walker family is able to come together and do what is best for Meadow.

Hey HollywoodLifers, what do you think about this? Should Meadow be with her grandmother or her mother? Let us know your thoughts below.

— Lauren Cox

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