Paul Walker’s Ex Rebecca Soteros’ Drinking: Hurting Their Daughter?

Poor Meadow Walker has already had a terrible year due to the tragic death of her father Paul Walker, and now reports have surfaced that her mother Rebecca has a major drinking problem! Paul Walker's story just keeps getting sadder and sadder. His ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros' drinking problem has reportedly gotten so bad that his mother might win custody of their daughter Meadow!

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Paul Walker’s Ex Rebecca Soteros’ Drinking Problem

How terrible. TMZ reports that Rebecca was arrested for DUI in August, and that it wasn’t her first offense. In fact, Rebecca’s bad drinking and driving habit was the impetus behind Meadow moving away from her mom to live with Paul before his tragic death on Nov. 30.

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Rebecca was first arrested for DUI back in 2003, in Orange County. She pled guilty and was sentenced to three years of probation, but given the incident last summer, it looks like that wasn’t enough!

Reportedly, her drinking became such a problem that 15-year-old Meadow called Paul and begged to be brought to Los Angeles to live with him. He obliged, because he’d known about Rebecca’s drinking for years and wanted to give his daughter a safe home.

Paul’s loss is so tragic, but hopefully Meadow will still get that peaceful home she deserves. Since her father’s death Meadow has been living with his mother Cheryl, who might be appointed Meadow’s legal guardian.

Paul Walker Leaves $25 Million To Daughter Meadow

Luckily, Meadow also has a huge cushion of support, so Paul can rest in peace knowing that his daughter is at least financially taken care of. As reported, Paul’s father, Paul Walker III filed Paul’s will in court, and petitioned to name Paul’s mother Cheryl the primary guardian of his granddaughter and the guardian of the $25 million that was left to her. In the will, this is what Paul specifically stated.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Paul’s mother gain custody of Meadow, or should she stay with her own mom?

— Shannon Miller

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