‘Teen Wolf’: Tribute Site’s Touching Memorial To Allison Argent

Of the many deaths that have happened on MTV's 'Teen Wolf,' the death of Allison Argent has had the largest impact on fans of the hit supernatural teen drama. In response, MTV has launched a memorial website to honor the fallen hunter. Death is kind of a theme on the once-campy supernatural teen drama -- after all, on the Teen Wolf after-show, Wolf Watch, host Jill Wagner keeps a running tally of all the deaths throughout the season. After the death of Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), however, fans were totally devastated -- and rightly so. In response, MTV launched a memorial website for our fallen warrior princess.

Allison Argent Teen Wolf Memorial
Image Credit: Courtesy Of MTV

‘Teen Wolf’ — The Death Of Allison Argent Remembered In MTV Memorial Website

For those of you who are still smarting from the chasm that Allison Argent’s absence has left in your life, MTV’s got your back.

The site has everything you could possibly need to ease you through the transition of an Allison-less life. Stories from the cast, Allison’s greatest moments, and fan-written eulogies are abound. Leave your own eulogy for your favorite Argent and make sure that Crystal knows how much you’ll miss her work!

‘Teen Wolf’ — Crystal Reed Asked Jeff Davis To Leave The Show

While it’s true that Crystal asked creator Jeff Davis to leave the show, many are upset about the way she was written out. She may have died a hero — in battle — but did she really need to die at all? Sure, it’s a supernatural show, but why wouldn’t Jeff want to leave the door open for her to return in a corporeal, non-hallucinatory form?

‘Teen Wolf’ Shouldn’t Have Killed Off Allison Argent

Unlike many of our heroes on Teen Wolf, Allison was just a human — and she’s not going to recover from the stab through the stomach from an Oni sword that she suffered on the March 17 episode “Insatiable.”

What do you think of the memorial, HollywoodLifers? Is it a fitting tribute? Are you looking forward to seeing where Crystal Reed will turn up next? Finally, will you be submitting your own eulogy? Vote and comment below!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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