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Lil Boosie: Daughter Raps About Dad Being Home — Watch

Lil Boosie's daughter Tarlaysisa Hatch is excited about having her dad out of jail. But in this new shocking video, the 5-year-old uses questionable language as she raps about having her dad home. Is this is cute or offensive? Lil Boosie has received major love from fans since his release from jail on Mar.5, but now his youngest daughter is joining in on the fun. In a new video, little Tarlaysia Hatch is seen, overcome by joy and excitement, rapping about her dad's return home. Shockingly enough, the young tot uses some very questionable language. Click below to watch.

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Lil Boosie’s Daughter Tarlaysia Shares Her Excitement On Instagram

In a new cute 16-second video, Lil Boosie is getting so much love from his youngest daughter. However, the 5-year-old can now be seen in a video ridden with language that’s inappropriate for adults, let alone children her age. Tarlaysia drops the “N” word multiple times and so casually, you’d think she’s singing her “abc’s.”

Profanity aside, the girl is obviously excited to see her  dad. She is heard saying, “He coming home today! He coming home today!”

“Y’all thought I was playing!” Tarlaysia continued, “You better believe it!” The little tot exclaimed.

Inappropriate language aside, you cannot deny the fact that little Tarlaysia is daddy’s little girl.

Lil Boosie Released From Jail After Spending 5 Years In Jail

On March 5, news broke that Lil Boosie — whose real name is Torrence Hatch — was released from a Louisiana State Penitentiary. The rapper was not expected to be free for another 4 years, but something went right and he will now be on parole till 2018. Not too bad, eh?

Lil Boosie was arrested in 2009 and had some legal battles while he was behind bars. The now 31-year-old rapper was accused of allegedly trying to smuggle some drugs, a charge he pled not guilty to.

After years of having other charges being thrown at him, it was reported that he would be free in August of 2014, but his brother/manager was aiming to have him released in February. He slightly missed the mark, but Lil Boosie is now free, much to his adorable daughter’s glee!

Tell what you think HollyMoms! Are you offended by Tarlaysia’s language? Let us know in the comments below.

— By Stephanie Sengwe

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