‘Sister Wives’ Reveal Their Shocking Secret: They Barely Know Each Other

Meri -- are you kidding us? Kody Brown's first wife made a jaw-dropping statement in the 'Sister Wives Tell All' finale special on Feb. 23. She confessed that the sister wives are barely closer than ordinary neighbors! Does Sister Wives' Kody Brown essentially have four separate families and a very distinct separate life with each of his four wives? That shocking revelation was the bombshell that Meri Brown dropped in the Sister Wives Tell All finale special, after the family's "Commitment Ceremony" finale last night, Feb. 23.

'Sister Wives' Finale Recap
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Meri Brown: The ‘Sister Wives’ Are Barely Closer Than Neighbors

The four wives were discussing a road trip that they took together to San Francisco and Meri confessed that spending that much time together for the wives was like going into “uncharted” territory! She explained that she and Kody’s other wives, JanelleChristine, and Robyn really don’t see each other very much — they’re too busy with their own lives. In fact, she said, they never take trips together and hardly even go out together without Kody.

The sister wives even admitted to getting seriously uncomfortable when they are together and Kody phones one of them in front of the others.

You’d think that after all these years together in the same “family” that a call from Kody to one wife in front of the others would be no biggie.

But the door that Meri opened on the sister wives’ lives portrays a very different picture of Kody’s polygamous family than the show has painted for four seasons.

While we know that the Browns aren’t one huge, happy family all of the time, now it seems like the reality is that Kody may have four very separate families — one with each of his very separate wives. And furthermore, that each wife, clings to her special relationship with him.

in fact, is each sister wife weirdly in denial about the romance that Kody has with each of the others? Is that why they squirm when one gets a phone call while the others are present? Is this why he can’t show PDA with one when the others are around? Is this why the wives are barely closer than neighbors?

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: The Other Wives Did Not Visit Truely Brown, 3, When She Was In The Hospital For Dialysis

What’s even weirder is that Christine reveals that Truely, 3, was in the hospital for eleven days on dialysis, with her kidneys shut down, and none of the wives ever visited Christine or relieved her vigil by Truely’s bedside!

They said that of course they took care of her other four kids, but not one of the three visited to provide moral support? Sorry, ladies — that’s strange.

And even weirder — it didn’t seem like Kody was there much, either! In most non-polygamous families, both parents would be at the hospital nonstop with their critically ill child — and close relatives would be all over that hospital, too!

But with the Browns, I’m getting the increasingly distinct impression that each of Kody’s four wives is pretty much on her own, with her own kids. And that they actually like it that way — it gives them the illusion that they actually have their husband to themselves.

All of this makes the family’s “commitment ceremony” and family “mission statement” seem even more like a “show” than it already was.

Talk about trying too hard to prove that the polygamous life choice that Kody and his wives have chosen was a fabulous decision!

There was something so sad and poignant when the family revealed their Tree Of Life cake at their commitment ceremony party. On the giant cake were four hearts with arrows and Kody’s name matched with each wife. Never before had the fact that Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn had each chosen to share their husband with three other women seemed so self-esteem-deflating, and lonely.

With that type of reality, no wonder Kody’s four sister wives don’t want to spend time together. Honestly, why would they want to acknowledge that the others even exist?

So, HollywoodLifers, do you think it’s strange that Kody Brown’s wives hardly spend time together? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller

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