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Oprah Turns 60: Her Hilarious Birthday Gift From Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is known for being generally hilarious, but her exceptional gift to celebrate Oprah's 60th birthday took things to the next level! Oprah Winfrey has got to be the toughest person to shop for! Luckily, Ellen DeGeneres thought of the perfect gift for the billionaire mega star, who turned 60 on Jan. 29.  The funny lady revealed her gift to Oprah during The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and let's just say even Oprah would probably be rendered speechless by Ellen's hilarious gesture.

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Oprah’s 60th Birthday: Ellen DeGeneres Gives Her A Giant Sequined Portrait

Ellen gifted the OWN Mogul and woman who has probably seen it all with a giant sequined portrait of herself! She then went on to take credit for the thoughtful and unique gift by joking, “I spent a lot of time on it. Pretty. Each one hand-done. Took me months to do that thing.” Following the big reveal, Ellen then pretended to get on the phone with the big O herself.

According to E!, Oprah had plans to celebrate her milestone birthday in style by throwing a huge black tie event, but he party was canceled because the guest list got out of hand. Instead, it seems like the birthday girl celebrated a little early with friends at a SoulCycle class, according to her Instagram.

Oprah Cancels Birthday Bash

Oprah Winfrey Turns 60

We are glad to see that Ellen could still make Oprah’s big day shine with the help of some sequins. However, there is a catch to this great gift. Oprah will have to collect her present in person, because “shipping is going to cost me a fortune,” according to Ellen. Watch the  hilarious video Here!

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Do you love this gift idea?

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