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Tina Fey Disses Leonardo DiCaprio With Inappropriate Vagina Joke

Well that's awkward. It's no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio likes himself some supermodels, but we weren't expecting Tina Fey to call him out on it! She totally dissed him before introducing him at the 71st Annual Golden Globes -- and it was seriously hysterical! Leonardo DiCaprio took home his second Golden Globe on Jan. 12, and wasn't about to let a hilarious (and a tad inappropriate) joke from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler get him down. However, we've got to say, it was a pretty intense dig, and he simply just laughed it off!

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Tina Fey Disses Leonardo DiCaprio
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Tina Fey Disses Leonardo DiCaprio

“And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio,” Tina said before Leo came out on stage to present a clip of American Hustle. It’s no secret that the Wolf of Wall Street star has dated his fair share of models, but was the joke too much?

Leonardo DiCaprio Gross Vagina Joke – Golden Globes

It didn’t appear to be! The sexy actor barely even reacted! When walking out he nodded and giggled at the ladies, blushed a tad bit, but then went right into thanking more people. Earlier in the night he took home the Globe for Best Actor In A Movie: Musical or Comedy, but apparently had forgotten to thank some people, so he decided to use his presenting time to finish up his list.

One of the best parts of the whole thing was that while he was thanking a few more, the cameras cut to one of his closest friends, Martin Scorsese, who was absolutely cracking up about the joke!

Tina & Amy’s Hilarious Hosting Night

However, Leo wasn’t the only one who got dissed by the hosts — not even a little bit! They threw some shade at Taylor Swift when Tina told Amy there was “a special place in hell” for her, referring back to 2013’s show. In 2013, they joked that Taylor should stay away from Michael J. Fox‘s son — Taylor later replied saying that there was a “special place in Hell” for women who tear down other women.

Golden Globes 2014 Best Moments: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Joke & More

Tina and Amy took a jab at George Clooney, saying that he “would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age,” which immediately cracked up his Gravity co-star Sandra Bullock.

They also referred to the super sexy Matt Damon as the “garbage man” of the night — which he later quoted, making fun of himself.

It sounds like the ladies picked all the hottest men and poor Taylor Swift to make fun of! We loved it — but what did you think of their diss to Leo? Was it too much or too funny? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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