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Aja Metoyer: 5 Things To Know About Dwyane Wade’s Baby’s Mother

Less than a week after the Miami Heat baller admitted to fathering a child who was born on Nov. 10, 2013, find out everything you need to know about the mother! After it was revealed on Dec. 31 that Dwyane Wade conceived a son while "on a break" from now-fiancee Gabrielle Union, all the attention has been on the Miami Heat baller. But who is the mother of Dwyane's love child? Find out below.

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Aja Metoyer: 5 Things To Know About Dwyane Wade’s Baby’s Mother

The birth certificate of Dwyane’s son, Xavier, revealed that the boy’s mother is Aja Metoyer. Here are five big details about her:

1. Aja & Dwyane Have Known Each Other For Years

Way back in 2010, Dwyane wished Aja a Happy Mother’s Day. That past history indicates that they have a decent relationship, which has also been proven by the fact that Aja has given Xavier Dwyane’s last name.

[hl_youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXkNHF1FinQ” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXkNHF1FinQ” text=”The Wade-Union Holiday Photo Shoot”]

2. Aja Has Other Children From A Famous Star

Aja has two daughters with Happy Endings and New Girl actor Damon Wayans Jr., but the two definitely aren’t together anymore. “I really have nothing to do with Aja’s situation,” Damon told TMZ. “We both live completely separate lives, aside from co-parenting.”

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3. The Metoyers Like Basketball Players

Not only does Aja have a child with Dwyane, but her sister, Cristen Metoyer, has a child with fellow NBA star Joe Crawford!

4. Aja Wants To Remain Out Of The Public Eye

After her name came out, Aja deleted her social media accounts, making it clear that she’s more focused on being a good mother than gaining any kind of notoriety.

5. Gabrielle Knows About Aja

Though the timeline of when Dwyane and Aja hooked up is still a little suspect, Gabrielle has reportedly been aware and supportive of her husband-to-be’s situation. The couple “worked through the issue privately as a couple,” according to Entertainment Tonight. And since Dwyane and Gabrielle got engaged after Xavier was born, we’re assuming it brought them even closer!

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