Aja Metoyer: Truth Behind Twitter Account Dissing Gabrielle Union

A Twitter account claiming to be Aja Metoyer, the mother of Dwyane Wade's love child, had harsh things to say about his current fiancée, Gabrielle Union, calling her a 'homewrecker' and claiming Aja had been in a 9-year romance with Dwyane. All tweets were mysteriously deleted, and then the user denied being Aja! What? Aja Metoyer was brought right into the spotlight after it was revealed she is the mother of NBA player Dwyane Wade's third son. A new Twitter account emerged, claiming at first to be Aja, but when tweets turned nasty about Dwyane's current fiancée, Gabrielle Union, the Twitter user later backtracked and said they weren't Aja after all. Get the truth behind this confusing story!

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Aja Metoyer Twitter Account Slams Gabrielle Union: Faker Disses Dwyane Wade

A series of tweets captured in screenshot by AllHipHop.com reveal that a Twitter user claiming to be Aja was seriously slamming Gabrielle and her relationship with Dwyane, all while defending her family.

[hl_youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcUWgR69Qog” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcUWgR69Qog” text=”Gabrielle Union Talks To ‘Essence'”]

“If it was about the money, I would have got [sic] pregnant when we first started dating 9 years ago. oh,” one now-deleted tweet read, claiming Aja was in a relationship with Dwyane for nine years, and didn’t plan a pregnancy to guarantee financial security.

Another tweet from the account explained that she didn’t have a baby with Dwyane for the fame either, explaining “my kids already think I’m ‘Supermom.’ Didn’t do it for the money, I have 2 degrees from NYU, any questions?”

Aja Metoyer: 5 Things To Know About Dwyane Wade’s Baby’s Mother

Aja Metoyer Account Claims To Be A Fake After Tweet Disses

Even though the account’s earlier tweets suggested they were from Aja personally, the mystery tweeter started deleting previous statements and made it clear they weren’t actually Aja: “The @AjaMetoyer account does not belong to Aja Metoyer or isn’t in any way connected to cheater Dwyane Wade or homewrecker Gabrielle Union,” the Twitter user later clarified, while still majorly dissing Dwyane and Gabrielle’s relationship.

The twitter account later deleted all tweets except for one new one: “…Get Your Facts Straight, Or Shut Up B**ch…” – Queen @LilKim,” the tweet read, appropriate to the situation. Sounds like a bitter fan — and not the mother of Dwyane’s baby!

HollywoodLife.com reached out to Gabrielle’s rep for comment.

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Are you shocked that someone is claiming to be Aja is dissing Gabrielle?

— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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