‘Sister Wives’: The Browns Celebrate Christmas In Their New Homes

Merry Christmas, Kody Brown! The Brown family had a very special holiday this year, celebrating Christmas a few days late in their new cul-du-sak of homes. The good news is Janelle, Christine and Robyn all moved into their new houses just in time for the belated celebration. The bad news is Meri's home wasn't ready by the big day. But will Kody's first wife get a Christmas miracle? Read on to find out! In the latest episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his wives Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn are thrilled to finally be in their new homes! The Browns narrowly missed their goal of moving in by Christmas Day, so they decided to celebrate on January 2 instead. The only problem is poor Meri, 42, and her only daughter, Mariah, are still without a home, and it's really killing their Christmas cheer.

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Sister Wives Christmas Surprise
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‘Sister Wives’ ‘Christmas Surprise’: The Browns Celebrate In Their New Homes

With the exception of Meri and Mariah, the Browns are finally living together again. Their four homes are located in a private gated cul-de-sac that Kody jokingly says looks like a polygamist compound. He thinks this is hilarious, but Christine doesn’t like the comparison to the controversial FLDS church.

“A compound means fear, it means control, it means being told what to do your entire lives,” Christine says, adding, “It’s the opposite of what our lives our like.”

Well said, Christine! The sister wives are definitely free to make their own decisions and Kody has never tried to control them.

He did make one very special holiday command — er, request — though. Kody’s mom can’t make her famous caramels this year, so he asks his wives to have a contest to see who can make the best caramels on Christmas Day.

“If you can beat my mom then you truly deserve to be my wife,” Kody says, laughing.

Robyn likes this idea so much she pretends to stab herself in the face with a screwdriver. Yikes!

Despite the pushback, Kody insists all the wives participate in the caramel-off.

“You may be thinking that i’m a misogynist pig right here but you don’t understand my genius,” Kody says in his taped confessional. “It’s about getting more caramels.”

You took the words right out of our mouths, Kody. Still, family traditions are very important so we understand why Kody can’t go a Christmas without his beloved caramels. Stay tuned to see who wins the competition.

‘Sister Wives’: Meri & Mariah Brown Are Homeless

We told you Meri and Mariah were devastated about being the only ones without a home for Christmas. Mariah is particularly disappointed and throughout the episode, she is seen moping around in the other homes, and even sitting outside her future home crying in her car. Poor Mariah! We can understand why she’s so upset, especially because the holidays are tough, but she could at least try to get in the Christmas spirit!

Meri is doing everything she can to cheer Mariah up, but she just can’t seem to get through to her. Meri ends up getting so worked up over her daughter’s feelings that Kody accuses her of being dramatic and making things worse. That’s when Kody has a sit-down with Mariah that would make any teenage girl want to kill him.

Kody basically tells Mariah that she isn’t very pleasant to be around these days, and she should try to be more “chipper” because everyone will like her more that way. Nice try, Dad! For a guy with 17 kids, Kody really doesn’t know how to talk to a teenage girl. Cue Mariah crying and moping around even more.

Kody Cries Over Robyn’s Christmas Present

On January 2, “Christmas” has finally arrived for the Browns! They celebrate at Janelle’s house and there is a ridiculous amount of presents around the tree. Kody reminds us there are 22 people in the family, and at three gifts per person, that makes 66 presents.

But it was easy for Kody to pick his favorite — he says Robyn’s was the biggest surprise he’s ever had. As a gift to Kody, Robyn had her last name changed to Brown, so now she’s truly one of the family! Robyn gave Kody her social security card with her new name on it, and he got so emotional that he started to cry. How sweet!

Kody is only legally married to one of his wives (Meri) so it’s very important to him that his other “spiritual” wives take his last name. Robyn’s present was really heartfelt and it obviously meant a lot to Kody. This is what Christmas is all about for the Browns! Well that, and caramels.

After all of the presents have been opened, it’s time for Kody’s wives to prove their love for him by making caramels. He gives each of them his mother’s famous recipe and the wives get to work — all except Meri and Robyn. Kody’s first and fourth wives aren’t in a cooking mood, so they sneak off and buy caramels from a local store. Meanwhile, Christine has been slaving away in the kitchen making multiple batches of caramels to get the perfect ones, and Janelle has been getting some help from her secret weapon — her mom, who happens to be Kody’s mom’s sister wife.

During the judging, Kody immediately realizes that Meri and Robyn (who are giggling like guilty schoolgirls) didn’t follow his mother’s recipe, so they are disqualified. Christine ends up winning the competition, proving that cheaters never prosper!

Meri Gets A Christmas Miracle

The day after the Browns’ belated Christmas celebration, their realtor Mona shows up with a very special surprise — Meri’s keys to her new home! It’s finally ready for them to move in, and Meri is over the moon. She and Kody go to Mariah’s work to surprise her with a key, and Mariah finally smiles like she means it! What a perfect end to the holidays.

The Browns have been struggling with living apart this season, and it’s obvious that moving into their new homes had a huge positive impact on them. It was really refreshing to see everyone laughing and getting along for a change! Kody says this was the best Christmas they’ve ever had, and everyone else seems to agree. Hopefully things will be better for the Browns now that they’re all living together!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will the Browns be happier in their new homes?

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