Malin Akerman: Hot After Baby — Shares Her Beauty & Diet Must-Haves

New mom Malin Akerman gave birth to her first child only months ago and she is looking better then ever! We had the chance to catch up with the Swedish-Canadian actress to learn all about her new routine as a mom and the beauty products she cannot live without! Keep reading for the scoop! Malin Akerman, 35, is still getting use to being a working mom and she makes it look effortless. The Proposal star told EXCLUSIVELY about her tricks to staying fit and her must-have beauty products! Want to learn how you can get her look? Read on for the deets!

Malin Akerman Baby Weight
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Malin Akerman Baby Weight — How She Lost The Extra Pounds

It is incredible how quickly Malin was able to bounce back in shape after giving birth to her first child in April 2013. We were dying to know all about her fitness routine!

It was some hard work, definitely. Of course, taking the time in the beginning to just be with the baby was amazing. Your body has been stretched out for nine months and now you have to pull it back in. It’s been a lot of different types of fitness. I think the buddy system is really great. Grab a friend or your spouse and go for a hike. I have been really enjoying cycling and pilates and a bit of cross fit training.  I think it’s always important to keep your muscles guessing, otherwise they just plateau and get use to the same work out, so I think just pushing a little harder and in different types of workouts, that’s been really helpful.”

One of Malin’s secrets to staying fit is beginning every morning with a healthy breakfast and she shared with us exactly what that entails.

There’s always a few choices, either a little heavier eggs or fruit bowl or I like to do yogurts which are a really good choice. The Muller Fruit Up Yogurts are really great, they have a little fruit moose on the top that you mix in so it kinda tastes like you’re indulging in a dessert but it’s actually nutritious! It’s got protein and calcium which is always a good start to your day. Add a little granola in there and you are all set to go!

Summer Beauty Must Haves — Malin Shares Her Fave Products

Looking pretty and fresh seems to come easy for Malin which is why were were dying to find out her beauty secrets. We wanted to know what products she can’t live without!

I definitely think a good lip gloss is a must-have. You’ve got your sunglasses on and your lips look nice and shiny and moist — you don’t wanna walk out with dry lips!  I think it’s really fresh to have a nice lip gloss. And as a blonde, I always like to walk around with my black eyeliner so I’m ready for anything. If I need to get ready for the night, I just smudge it and make it more of a smokey look and off you go!

Another thing that Malin is known for is her flawless blonde hair! She shared with us which hair product she is currently obsessed with!

I am really enjoying Moroccanoil. You use it after you’ve blown your hair out so you get rid of those frizzy flyaways and it keeps your hair healthy.

Will YOU try out some of Malin’s beauty tips? Let us know, HollywoodLifers!

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