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Nick Cannon: ‘Chasing My Kids Around’ Helps Me Stay In Shape

We went behind-the-scenes with Nick on his workout shoot with Old Navy -- read on to see what he had to say about his own workout routine, find out how Mariah maintains her fantastic figure, and WATCH Nick break a sweat in style! It isn't everyday that you get the chance to work out with Nick Cannon! We got to suit up with the 32-year-old host of America's Got Talent as he sweated in style during his Old Navy Activewear Shoot at Flybarre in NYC, where he dished to Hollywood Life on his exercise secrets and also spilled on Mariah Carey's new music. Find out how this sexy couple stays in shape!

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Nick Cannon’s Workout Routine:

While Nick just started taking FlyBarre classes, that’s not all he does to stay in shape! In fact, he tells us boxing is a part of his normal routine. “I do that quite a bit,” he says. He also admits that his multi-tasking lifestyle helps him stay in shape “I chase my kids around and I also lift weights.”

Nick Cannon On Mariah Carey’s New Figure:

Nick isn’t the only one in the family that’s in great shape! His wife, Mariah Carey, also looks amazing — and he’s the first to gush about her! “Yeah, she’s killing it,” he says.

So, what’s Mariah’s secret? “She does a lot of this stuff — core, exercising, stuff like that,” he says. “She hasn’t done this class yet but she has a trainer that does a lot of similar stuff, but I always make fun and be like ‘Nah, that’s not working out!’ Meanwhile, look at her!” Nick, you aren’t the only one who thinks Mariah is in amazing shape! Her hard work is clearly paying off.

Nick Cannon’s Tips On Getting In Shape:

All you have to do is take one glance at Nick to realize that he’s obviously dedicated to staying fit — so who better to share tips on getting in shape for summer? So, what does he recommend doing if you want to get a great bod like Nick? “Being active in any type of way and having a proper diet, including lots of water. It’s weird because water does whatever you need it to do. It can help you lose weight, help you gain weight, gain muscle,” he says. “Just using your water properly and using your diet properly will make a difference.”

Behind The Scenes With Nick Cannon & Old Navy At FlyBarre:

When we first heard that Nick was taking a FlyBarre class we were shocked because although the class is intended for everyone, women tend to favor it more. To our surprise, Nick had already taken four classes before! Although he’s buff, even Nick admits to breaking a sweat in the class. “I think its HARD, but it’s so worth it,” he says. “It’s one of the best workouts I’ve had and it’s really interesting because all the women in the classes, like, they’re just breezing through; but I’m always like about to pass out and fall on the ground so I mean to see that, it’s inspiring! I also am someone who works out and I think I’m in pretty good shape, so it’s cool to see them just killing it.”

We think it’s so cool that Nick can admit that women can also kick butt! “They are way stronger than I am in certain areas! So it’s kinda cool because I box and I lift weights but this stuff works muscles that you would never, ever believe! It’s such a great workout so its very cool.”

Nick Cannon On Mariah’s New Music:

Nick took a break from working out to gush about his wife’s new music. While the songstress has a hit new single with R&B singer Miguel out, that’s not all we can expect to hear from Mariah! “Mariah and Miguel obviously have “Beautiful” out right now and they’re gonna release extra types of remixes that should be coming shortly. I mean, their record is flying up the charts, so there’s that, and then at the same time she’s excited about this album that’s coming,” he says. “Not only does she have that song out but she has even more hits to come. It’s gonna be big!” We think it’s so sweet that Nick gushed about Mariah’s new album — and we can’t wait to hear it.

We had a blast working out with Nick and Old Navy, and you can WATCH and see how he does in the class below. It’s hysterical!

WATCH: Old Navy: Get Active with Nick Cannon & FlyBarre!

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