Zach Sobiech’s Mom Laura Describes His Brave Final Moments Of Life

The touching, yet extremely sad, story of Zach's life lives on through his mother Laura, who described his final moments of life on Katie Couric's talk show 'Katie.' Laura Sobiech said her son Zach Sobiech had instructed his family and closest friends on how he wanted to live his last moments on earth, which involved remaining conscious until it was his time to go. An uncommonly brave choice as Zach suffered in his last few bittersweet moments, Laura said it was the way he "wanted to go."

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Zach Sobiech Wanted To Be Able To Say A ‘Proper Goodbye’

Laura said Zach, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 14 years old, was conscious until just moments before he died on May 20. She told Katie Couric via Skype on her show, “Katie,” Fri. May 31 that that’s what he wanted — and achieved — to be able to say a proper goodbye.

“He was at home, Amy (Zach’s girlfriend) had stayed over late that night. Myself and Amy slept in the same room as him. He had a very difficult hour and a half; the cancer had filled his lungs and his lungs had filled with fluid so he essentially suffocated, and that is not an easy way to die, but that was the way he wanted to die. He wanted to be conscious and he was. As hard as those memories are to be there while he suffered so much, we’re so blessed because we were there — we were all there,” she said.

Laura Sobiech Felt ‘Something Bigger’ Was Meant To Happen From Zach’s Battle

Despite the emotionally trying ups and downs Laura had to go through with Zach, she said she knew things wouldn’t be easy but that they would also be okay, which sustained her through Zach’s struggles.

“It was truly one of those experiences that not many people get to have, where you really get to look at life with a different perspective,” she said. “God has a plan that’s bigger than the eye can see. I never had to deal with anger or bitterness about it, and so to travel that road with Zach, I just kind of regard it as a privilege and that it was for something bigger. I think that’s how I was able to travel that with him without being crippled by the grief.”

She told Katie that Zach went through some really difficult things that were very hard for a mom to watch, but through it all, she “just always had this sense there was something bigger that was meant to happen with this and that got me through.”

Zach Sobiech’s Girlfriend and Best Friend Are Proud Of Zach’s Impact

Katie was joined in-studio by Zach’s girlfriend, Amy Adamle and best friend/bandmate Sammy Brown to talk about their experiences with Zach, remembering what an amazing person he truly was.

“He’s always had so much energy and always positive energy,” said Sammy. “When cancer came into his life all of his energies actually were just more focused towards making a difference, being himself and living his life to the fullest because he knew he didn’t have much time left.”

Filmmaker Justin Baldoni, who was also in-studio, documented the last few months of Zach’s life as part of a video project that he hoped would bring people up in their last days instead of dwelling on death. He didn’t expect the privilege he had to work with such an amazing person like Zach.

“I’ve never experienced love like that, demonstrated in the way the Sobiech family and friends had,” he said. “This is a family and a kid that changed their entire community and now we’re watching it change the world.”

Justin said he thought his project could possibly change the world and Zach was the perfect person to do that.

“Zach just happened to be the kid who wanted to change the world,” he said. “It was kind of a perfect meeting of the heavens saying, ‘Now’s the time,’ and he’s doing it.”

The Impact Of “Clouds”

Zach’s video “Clouds” has touched millions since his heartbreaking death, reaching nearly 7 million views on YouTube and even inspiring celebrities to get involved, some making a video to the song and some tweeting, reaching out about Zach’s death. Even though Zach isn’t with us any longer to be able to witness the impact he is making, Sammy knows that doesn’t matter.

“I don’t think he ever realized what an impact he would make,” she said. “I don’t think that was his idea of what his music would become but I know he’s so happy it did.”

WATCH: Zach Sobiech’s “Clouds”

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