Chris Kelly: Kris Kross Reunion Sent Him Into Drug Tailspin — Report

So sad. The recent Kris Kross comeback reportedly revived Chris' drug addiction, which ultimately led to the singer's tragic death. On May 1, Chris Kelly, 34, was found unconscious in his Atlanta, GA home, and was rushed to the Atlanta Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 5:30 p.m. Chris is believed to have died from a drug overdose involving heroin and cocaine, according to police. After Chris' 90s rap group Kris Kross reunited for a big concert back in February, the rapper reportedly fell back into his old drug habits, according to TMZ.

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Kris Kross Reunion

Chris Kelly Parties After Kris Kross Reunion

Chris has struggled with drug addiction on and off for the past ten years, but seemed to have finally straightened his life out recently. Over the past few weeks, the rapper reportedly had a change in behavior following a Kris Kross reunion concert in Atlanta.

After the concert, Chris had a major confidence boost and began going out to clubs and hanging out with other Atlanta rappers, sources tell TMZ. Chris reportedly picked up his drug habit again along the way.

Drug Addiction Expert: Heroin & Cocaine Combination Lethal spoke with Clare Waismann, a drug addiction specialist, about Chris’ death. Clare explains that Chris’ combined use of heroin and cocaine is extremely dangerous.

“Individually [heroin and cocaine] are both lethal drugs, but when they are combined, they become even more lethal. It’s like playing Russian roulette,” Clare explains. “One day your body can handle all the drugs, and next day it can’t. Chris could have died of a heroin overdose, a cocaine overdose or a combination of both. Cocaine can cause a heart attack and heroin can cause someone to stop breathing because it slows down the functions of the body. His death could be either heart or lung related or even both.”

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