Jenelle Evans’ Private Journal Leaked By Ex-Boss James Duffy

Jenelle pledges to take legal action after her former boss tweeted a pic from her private journal, leaking some dark secrets about her rehab stay. Read on for more shocking details. The latest in the constant battle between Jenelle Evans and her former boss, James Duffy, brings the Teen Mom 2 star once again to call on the courts to take action against James.

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Jenelle Evans’ Diary Leaked

Diaries are private and personal, but apparently Jenelle’s former boss never got that memo. James leaked a page of the Teen Mom 2 star’s journal onto his Twitter account on April 7, and the page looks to be from the time when Jenelle was in rehab.

The excuse that James gives for why it was acceptable for him to post the diary page was because Jenelle should’ve hidden it better! The page is dated Feb. 24 of 2013, and with the tweet, James wrote to Jenelle: “I can’t believe you actually listened to me and kept a diary. Next time hide it!”

Jenelle Writes About Rehab & MTV

Jenelle supposedly spilled all of her thoughts into the journal, and this leaked page reveals a lot about how she was feeling during the time.

“Well I got here on Friday and for the past 2 days I’ve been extremely depressed,” Jenelle allegedly wrote. “I cried and cried because they (MTV) told me this place was like Malibu Horizons but it’s not! This is like the crazy mental hospital I was involuntarily committed to.”

Jenelle Takes Legal Action Against James

When asked on Twitter what she plans to do about her journal being stolen and leaked, Jenelle responded that “legal action will be taken place” and that a police report has already been completed. And apparently she has been brushing up on her legal terms because she says that she can file for “two counts of larceny” and that all she has left to do since her claim has been taken, is “go to the Jacksonville magistrate” to finish it all up.

Personal photos and texts of Jenelle’s are always ending up on the Internet from many sources and it doesn’t look to be ending any time soon. She always stands up for herself and takes action when she can, though. One of the journal pages was posted by James, but many pages of it were leaked by another Twitter handle @Pinhead_Pepper.

What do YOU think of Jenelle’s journal being leaked, HollyMoms? Do you think she should take legal action?

— Rachael Ellenbogen

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